Law and exclude citizen held "comprehensive" parliamentary session next Tuesday or modify the current government

2016-04-24 21:07:49 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Ruled out the State of Law coalition, on Sunday, Parliament was able to hold a comprehensive meeting, likely the survival of the current government and not to replace them as a result of holding many political blocs respective ministers, while the Islamic Supreme Council stressed that the priority is to reunite the parliament that is then considered the issue of cabinet reshuffle, and revealed the existence of a trend of pairing between cabins "closed envelope" and proposed by the political blocs and exit to "recap" agreed and satisfactory to the people.

State of Law Coalition: stuck blocs respective ministers toppled ministerial amendment

Has questioned the leadership of the coalition of state law, Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, in an interview to the (long - Presse), the possibility of "managed the House of Representatives held a session full board on Tuesday , " attributing it to " the Council is still divided into two parts."

He added Jaafar, that " the State of Law coalition and Kurdish forces are trying not to be a party with those who call themselves the people of legitimacy," he returned to " the president 's initiative, Fuad Masum, introduced the subject of the Presidium of the parliament for a vote again good, as it can lead to the survival or changed. "

And on the cabinet reshuffle, said the leader of the coalition headed by Nouri al - Maliki, that " the Kurds Minister current stay in office, and the Supreme Islamic Council wants to keep the oil minister, Adel Abdul - Mahdi, and the foreign minister, Ibrahim al - Jaafari, adheres to stay or be He replaced the senior leader in his movement, Faleh al - Fayad ".

He Jaafar, that " the Sunni forces in turn , wants to keep its ministers, therefore, directed the Prime Minister, Haider al - Abadi, is to retain the current government and not be modified", continuing that "Abadi said during the presidency of the last meeting of the government, last Tuesday ( the 19th of April the current 2016), the need to work together and provide services, the implicit message that they are staying in their positions. "

Supreme Council: Priority reunion Parliament

For his part, leader of the Supreme Islamic Council, Hamid Maaleh, in an interview to the (long - Presse), " The priority for the Council during the parliamentary session next Tuesday, is the creation of a unified parliament and compatibility in the form of his presidency, and if it can display cabinet reshuffles . " .

The leader of the council , which is headed by Ammar al - Hakim, that "reforms are not limited to reshuffle only, because it is the most comprehensive of it," he continued , "As for the partial cabinet reshuffle and the proposals of the cabins closed envelope that was some of the characters to accept the withdrawal of others, modified cab provided by the political forces according to the specifications that attribute it Abadi, there is a third public offering could be twinned between them and serve as a bottom line, to reach for something agreed upon by the forces of parliament and be satisfactory to the Iraqi people. "

The Maaleh, that " the parliamentary session next Tuesday , there will be no provision of ministerial cabin, because the priority is to reunite the Council."

He was President, Fuad Masum, called in ( the 15th of this April), the reforms "real" according thoughtful program ensures end of quotas party in government departments and creating the economic crisis experienced by the country solutions, calling on the government and parliament to translate it in the form of practical programs , is open and transparent and specific Ptoukitat.

The presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Sunday, decided (24th of April 2016), held a comprehensive meeting, next Tuesday, to discuss the government 's reform and readiness to host the parliament , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, to display his booth ministerial. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi political scene of severe congestion compounded by a sit -in group of deputies, and removal of the Presidium of the parliament, the center refused Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, a collection of important political blocs, recognizing the legitimacy of the procedure, while the Sadrists pressure on the current ministers to resign immediately, demanded a vote on "closed envelope" first, to resolve the current crisis List.