War: it must convene parliament before the legislative recess later this month

Published in: 10:43, April 24, 2016

Baghdad Opinion Policy
Legal expert Tareq Harb said that the recess will begin in 1-5 and must hold a hearing within the next five days before the holiday to resolve the issue of the presidency and then vote on the cabinet reshuffle of technocrats
In a statement to Tariq Harb received (Opinion International), a copy of the "second 05/01/2016 parliamentary recess begins for two months after the end of the second session reconvened, which began in 07/01/2015, noting that on April 30 the current five days after just start the parliamentary recess.
"And since the parliamentary recess begins after a very few for in accordance with the provisions of Article (55) and (56) of the Constitution and Article 22 of the rules of procedure, it is necessary to hold a joint meeting between the two teams first team owners of the previous Presidency and the second team owners Authority interim presidency to settle on the subject of the presidential vote to be voted to cancel the previous council's decision to sack the previous presidency and then vote on the cabinet reshuffle of technocrats and after the parliamentary recess begins.
He expressed the hope that this holiday be the cause of rapprochement between the owners of presidencies "It is true that he may extend the legislative term not exceeding one month in accordance with Article 58 of the Constitution, but the more correct speed resolve the issue of ministers technocrats who were the cause of the emergence of two teams within the Iraqi parliament, call deserves to respond and comply with the political circumstances that took the dimensions harmed the political reality of the Iraqi Kkl.anthy