Kurdistan's (time): United Nations and embassies to intervene to hold a parliamentary session resolve crisis

April 23, 2016

Jubouri meet MPs sit and Tuesday meeting to inform on my list Abadi Wazzareeten

Kurdistan's (time): United Nations and embassies to intervene to hold a parliamentary session resolve crisis

BAGHDAD - Qusay, Monzer

Kurdistan Alliance revealed the United Nations and embassies of countries intervened to resolve the parliamentary crisis, to hold a comprehensive hearing next Tuesday after a meeting with parliament speaker Salim al MPs protesters as spokesman for Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi ready Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi provide ministers on my list. A member of the coalition Najiba Najib (time) yesterday that (there's unremitting efforts and carried out by al-Jubouri talks with several parties for the purpose of access to the results of a session of the parliament). Revealing (the United Nations and embassies of countries intervened to resolve the current crisis, to hold a comprehensive meeting next Tuesday). She said Najib (We support reforms that will address the current challenges). She explained that (changing faces is the glory without imposing laws that would contribute to the achievement of equality between classes of people and the public interest). For his part, he said a spokesman for the speaker of parliament Emad al-Khafaji (time) yesterday that (al-Jubouri talks with the heads of blocs has reached its final stages and will create a climate to hold a comprehensive meeting of all MPs). He pointed out that (al-Jubouri, the protesters met with MPs and this positive step to open the field to express their views in parliament). He said that al-Khafaji (parliament Abadi waits to deliver his booth that the new circumstance became ready to vote on the cabinet reshuffle). The Jubouri announced about the readiness of the House of Representatives to receive the cross-affiliations narrow cabinet reshuffle week Gara.oukal Jubouri in a speech during the ceremony on the occasion of World Book Day yesterday that the (line initiation starts from the parliamentary vote in the coming days the government cabin chosen by the people, a cross-affiliations government nARROW). He added that the (parliament would be ready to receive the selection this week after the resumption of the work). And it suggested parliamentary powers of parliament to hold a hearing next Tuesday. As spokesman for Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi ready Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi provide ministers of two lists. The newborn (time) yesterday that (Abadi already presented two lists of Parliament includes the names of the ministerial change in the appointments that set him but did not choose any list and thus was now waiting for the return of the healing of Parliament for the exercise of his functions to be considered ministerial change and resolution of this file). He continued that the newborn (the reform process is not limited to the cabinet reshuffle, but step of the program contained in the reformist government group). At the time called the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr followers into a demonstration Magdy Rady on Monday to demand the convening of the parliament session and vote on the government cabin. The number of civilian activists had met Sadr and discussed the current political crisis.

A statement received by the (time) yesterday that Jassim Hilfi, Ahmed Abdel Hussein, Ammar al-Saadi N. met chest invited him in his office in Najaf, where he was (to talk about the political crisis and sit parliamentarians who form a reflection or reaction to the protest movement pressing in the Iraqi street, but there are a number of parliamentarians rode a wave of protest and they are not true of the reform movement and change a part, so it is difficult to count on them, as control of their own interests and agendas known), adding that (what happened is also a result of the general crisis in the country which manifests itself in many forms, including a split parliament and its repercussions, where Both groups failed both parliamentarians, Almatsamh and the other, to achieve a quorum, and the inability of any party to resolve the situation). The statement continued that (attempts underway to divert the attention of the citizens, that the solution could come this way generates the protesters lax, considering that the door to solve the problem became However, others), adding that (the meeting to emphasize the lack of open space during which to turn the issue of forming a government and a sit-in parliamentarians to a new crisis hinder reform and be a stumbling block in the way, rather than be a real contribution to the pressure to bring about the desired change. the search focused on the sit-in Tahrir Square and the pressure on the influential perpetrators of the crisis, so as to generate that public pressure great result in the formation of government far from the quota system). The meeting stressed the need (of cooperation between the civilian and the Sadrists, enhance placed to work through popular protest cross-sectarian movement that includes all spectrums of civilians and the Sadrists and moderates to be capable of forcing the authorities to carry out reforms required), stressing the importance of that (attracting this mass audiences around) .sv MP National Alliance Qaddo nostalgia for the inclusion of seven ministers expected to change as a first stage of the reform process. Qaddo said in a statement yesterday that the (cabinet reshuffle will include the names of seven ministers and replace them with others within the first phase change). And linking the Kurdistan Alliance entry into parliament, provided the presence of all the House of Representatives among them sitters. The MP said the coalition Ares Abdullah, in a statement yesterday that (the President Fuad Masum, the initiative of the list and its implementation will solve the crisis). Link (entry of coalition MPs to parliament, provided the presence of all deputies, including sitters).