Leaks from the US Gulf summit: Abadi red line and Obama described as (good partner)

24/4/2016 Post Views: 6

Riyadh / new evidence
Many of the factors affecting the Iraqi scene tense politically, militarily and financially addressed the debate in the Gulf American Summit held in Riyadh, and was probably one of the hottest topics Almatarouhh.obhsp leaks AEs from Riyadh, the American belief goes off to have the government promised reform is inevitable and is to facilitate the work Abadi, who says the leaks that red line, to be the Iraqi scene supplier reassure the United States and the donor countries, which plans to meet soon to help Baghdad to bypass financial Haunted Khanqh.altadel Ministerial controversial externally and internally still depends on the parliamentary crisis, which reached a maximum ranges and has become the most influential on the Iraqi scene, as it was a resource debate between Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, during a meeting to bring them eat Search in resolving the parliamentary crisis and accelerate the completion of the change Wazzara.maaijeri to sit in the House of Representatives is expected to end up, but in a complex manner include attempts to dismantle the protesters mass, which began since the days, as well as restricting them inside the parliament building, which has become subject to what looks like a siege, especially with the decision of his presidency to send its staff to leave open and prevent the services from the protesters inside, in the process it reached the ranges beyond that expressed prevent the entry of a UN delegation to meet with the protesters as well as to prevent the press from entry to the parliament building for cover, an action observers believed that it is difficult Nbarerha.aly a related description of US President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi b »good partner» for his country, and as pointed out that the current political crisis does not mean his country, called on Sunnis to the need to build themselves.