Today the House of Representatives .. sitters hold open their session

4/24/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
Did not deter the Liberal bloc withdrew from parliament sit the rest of the House of Representatives for the protesters continue to hold their meetings and keep their position on the composition of the new presidency of the parliament, stressing non-participation in the parliamentary session called by Saleem al-Jubouri.
Healing MP Abdul Azim said that the meeting will be held today and is unconstitutional, noting that the meeting called by al-Jubouri attended sitters in the case was reached and guarantees provided by the Presidency resignation agreements Otherwise, the 120 deputies of the protesters would not attend.
He explained Healing, in an interview for the "morning", said the meeting "open" raised to Sunday does not linger and consultations and meetings with the rest of the House of Representatives continues to clarify views and complete the quorum, "noting that keep the meeting open legal and there is no out any forms.
He and Healing that most MPs are calling for reform, not change the speaker of parliament which is stated by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi when he announced that the selection subject to quotas, noting that the approach, which goes by the state since 2003, and to this day has not been proven successful and therefore we need to presidencies change the government, which failed because of the methodology quotas abhorrent.
And the Healing that some destinations have not yet entered the sit-ins and no idea of ​​exclusion, especially that of the country in front of a political process that has proven over the 14 years she Iraq did not serve, adding that the protesters do not want to change the faces, but a change of the entire building the state on the basis of incorrect operation.
He noted that the term has been lengthened, especially since the last period produced wedded policies methodology quotas, had a negative impact of the occupation Daash, corruption and a severe economic crisis.
Healing and stressed that all the blocks you want to change, but in practice the issue of sectarian quotas returned, indicating that any head of Parliament come and bring orientation demanded by the sitters of Representatives will have the support, otherwise it will not work.
As for the candidates for the Presidency, He explained Healing that most of the candidates of the deputies of the previous session to their knowledge of the rules of procedure of the Council, stressing that the protesters Representatives Gather to be candidates for the presidency from outside the quota system and that it is the right of any deputy to stand apart from the community or the component that belongs to him .
Attorney Healing and waved to the existence of an atmosphere for a settlement in the coming period, especially since the presidency of the parliament to change something happened to change the previously Mahmoud al-Mashhadani to Iyad Samarrai, which is not difficult, especially if the dispute is not sectarian but political.
In turn, MP Tavkh Ahmed pointed out that the Sunday session continues in spite of the withdrawal of the Liberal bloc, saying that the House of Representatives of the protesters would not attend the meeting called by al-Jubouri
She said Ahmed, in an interview for the "morning": that nominations open for the selection of the Presidium of the parliament was to keep the meeting open in order to settle the matter, indicating that the House of Representatives have a goal in spite of the difficulties existing water and electricity outages and disable always journalists and prevented from entering, but the House of Representatives continue that they reach their goal.
Ahmed added that the House of Representatives of the protesters are demanding an end to sectarian quotas and to be talking about only the interests of Iraq.
The protestors unfurled the House of Representatives session, which was attended by 135 deputies was held last Thursday, headed by Adnan al-Janabi, to the day with keeping them open, to discuss the selection of the President of the Council of Representatives and his deputies.