Matsamu been lobbying parliament to achieve a quorum Sunday 's session, 10 candidates vying for the presidency

23/4/2016 21:01pm

BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, trying to convince the protesters broke up their sit-in after the launch, during the past few hours, a new initiative includes a joint session of all parties and managed by the oldest member of his dismissal for viewing with his deputies to vote again.
However, this initiative was met with rejection of the protesters who insist on going to hold open meeting on Sunday for the election of a new presidency of the Council of Representatives. The number of new candidates for the presidency to about 10 names, six of them ran for the post of president, and three others ran for the post of first deputy, and the two candidates vying for the post of second deputy.
In light of these facts the Commission quintet, formed by the sitters, to start the launch of negotiations with deputies from different political blocs to coordinate with them the day after the meeting on Sunday, moving. The Committee emphasizes that the resolution of election of the new president of the parliament depends on the quorum.
The protesters intend to form a parliamentary opposition bloc in the House of Representatives, to be transformed into something like a "blocking third" which is able to obstruct any understandings conducted by the major blocs.
The House voted unanimously on April 14 th, during the hearing held by the House of Representatives sitters headed by MP Adnan al-Janabi and the presence of 171 deputies, the dismissal of the Presidium of the parliament and choose MP Adnan al-Janabi, as interim president.
On the other side is preparing President Fuad Masum, start a new round of talks between the political blocs and the protesters as a prelude to call a special meeting held in the presence of all the parties to avoid the requirement that all differences witnessed by Parliament since the middle of this April.
The President of the House of Representatives article Saleem al-Jubouri, Saturday, that the parliament will resume its sessions this week to receive the new ministerial lineup, as he emphasized that the government was "cross-affiliations narrow is the most successful to overcome the current crisis," and warned of "foreign enterprises seeking to undermine the political process."
Says MP Tavkh Ahmed, in an interview with the (term) that "the protesters agreed to hold open meeting on Sunday and put forward all nominations to a vote as a prelude to the composition of the new presidency of the parliament."
Kurdish MP and added that "the five-member committee formed by the sitters in negotiations with deputies from different blocks in order to encourage them to participate in Sunday's session to complete the quorum until we move to elect new parliamentary presidency," pointing out that "the number of protesters is currently up to 121 deputies." He adds MP splinter Almurdeh Curran bloc that "the protesters are accustomed to install their presence on a daily basis in the House of Representatives through the daily Signature for about 121 deputies," stressing that "the protesters are betting on a meeting Sunday full quorum after the last their discussions with some of the political blocs."
And confirms a protestors House of Representatives that "the talks did not stop throughout the past few hours, offering on Friday, Salim al initiative requires election or older for the management of the joint session on the nomination presented his dismissal and his deputies to vote."
Says MP Ali al-Badri, told the (range) that "this initiative was rejected by the protesters and will spend for a meeting Sunday in order to pass the new presidency of the body in the event of a quorum," stressing that "there are negotiations with some of the political blocs and MPs who have confirmed to attend the session ".
Al-Badri, and adds that "the protesters are determined to hold open meeting on Sunday to vote on the nominations that have reached the ten candidates, six of them for president, and three of the first deputy and two of the second Vice."
And between the coalition of state law that "for the post of parliament speaker candidates are all from Ahmed al-Jubouri, and Abdul Rahman Alloizi temporary Jubouri, and Fares Fares, and Abdul Karim Abtan, while the candidates of the first deputy are both Alexander and Tut and Niazi Ihsanoglu."
MP al-Badri, is expected to "negotiations with some of the blocks will raise the number of protesters during the coming period."