Barham Salih of Najaf: the political project of great danger and the reference to intervene

April 23, 2016 18:07
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He warned Second Deputy Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Saleh, which he described as "the great and present danger" facing the political project in Iraq.

Saleh said in a speech at the memorial service for the first anniversary of the death of the cleric Sayyed Mohammed Bahr al-Ulum was held city of Najaf today, he said that "the Iraqi political project is in great danger and imminent"

Noting that "the organization of Daash no military presence and the security threat is a threat, but an intruder lurks all Iraqis and we must not overlook this danger and work to unify the efforts to eradicate this menace to restore security and stability of Iraq."

However, to say, "but this danger should not be a justification to ignore the real political problems. After 13 years of change, the Kurds and Arabs in Iraq deserve better than they live today."

Saleh pointed out that "the claim in the Government Reform legitimate demand and we hope that political leaders overcome the current crisis and the completion of the required reforms and deal with the challenges."

He stressed that "After the exchange, waste, and Iraq's imports with the sacrifices of the Iraqi people need today to a genuine national dialogue, not only to reform the government, but the referee system that secrete these problems today, and this is not only a national dialogue honest among Iraqi political and their strength and fundamental review of self-checks."

He called the Second Deputy Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, "the religious authority to have a position to push the current situation in the right direction and reform in the structural imbalance of the rule as represented by Najaf's keenness on the stability of Iraq."