Understanding the third government in Iraq
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Thread: Understanding the third government in Iraq

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    Understanding the third government in Iraq

    Understanding the third government in Iraq

    2016-04-24 01:25:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - BAGHDAD - Hussein Dawood

    «Life» learned that understanding initially was among the top political leaders, including the three presidencies, to convene a unified parliamentary session for all deputies after tomorrow , Tuesday to resolve the ongoing days since the parliamentary crisis, and the vote on the ministerial new lineup, will be the «third» within 20 days, while He called the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr to protest Million man rally tomorrow.

    In the meantime, still the positions of the House of Representatives of the protesters declared conservative consensus of political forces to end the parliamentary crisis, and refused dialogue yesterday with Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , who in turn took the initiative to meet them in the parliament building.

    An informed parliamentary source on the course of negotiations between the various factions «life», that « a preliminary understanding reached between the majority of the political forces to convene an extraordinary parliamentary session Tuesday unified focus on resolving the issues of the presidency and the parliament to vote on new government lineup».

    He added that « the speaker of parliament article of the protesters held important meetings late yesterday included former Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki, leader of a coalition of state law , and its members , which constitutes the bulk of the protesters Currently, the leader of the Dawa Party - Iraq Organization, Khodair al.»

    The source pointed out that the number of protesters Representatives has dropped significantly leaving only the vice - Dawa Party (52 deputies) and the National coalition led by Iyad Allawi (20 deputies) and other representatives of the different blocks, but they lost the absolute majority they owned after withdrawals series highlighted by deputies of the Sadrist movement (34 deputies).

    He called on al- Sadr said in a statement yesterday on his supporters to «demonstration Million man protest who refuses to reform, it will make them compelled to convene parliament and vote in full transparency and freedom of the people to know who is reluctant to vote through a public meeting».

    He accused the leader of the Sadrist political parties did not identify, lack of desire in the parliament session «to implement reforms to change the minister and the formation of a new government of technocrats cabins», in reference to the mass of protesters.
    For his part, al - Jubouri announced yesterday that the parliament will resume its sessions next week to receive the new cabinet reshuffle, said during a ceremony to mark World Book Day held in Baghdad yesterday, said that «what is happening in Iraq , the rule and the state of the crisis, not a crisis of persons or positions».

    He added that « the reform project starts from the parliamentary vote within days on ministerial cabin chosen by the Iraqi people form and kind, a cross-affiliations narrow government».
    But the House of Representatives of the protesters were still clinging to their position of refusing to attend a parliamentary session without considering their decision to dismiss al - Jubouri , legitimate, and that it is an alternative choice, as they refused to dialogue with him yesterday.

    A spokesman for the Bloc protesters Haitham al - Jubouri, said in a statement yesterday, said that «Saleem al - Jubouri attended abruptly to the cafeteria Parliament today (yesterday) , where sitters deputies present, asking to talk with them ... but present them told him that no dialogue except in the presence of all deputies of the protesters» .

    He added that al - Jubouri «left the place waiting for another date determined by the sitters».

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