Rafidain Bank opens new branch

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Economy News / Baghdad

Rafidain Bank announced the opening of a branch in the province of Diwaniyah in order to cover the needs of customers under a plan to develop the work of the banking sector and the expansion of services to citizens .

The general director of the bank on behalf Kamal al - Hassani said in a statement received the "Economy News", a copy of it, that the bank develop a plan for the development of the banking business and the introduction of modern technologies to facilitate the work of customers away from the rings routine and keep abreast of the banking business in developed countries.
He added that the bank opened a new branch in the hand of Shinafiyah to the province of Diwaniyah in order to expand the banking services provided to citizens in the province.

It is noteworthy that the bank 's 161 branches distributed in Baghdad and other provinces.

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