Kurdistan to express their willingness to enter the parliament session, "condition"

12:12:49 4/23/2016 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad showed the Kurdistan coalition forces on Saturday, his willingness to enter the House of Representatives session hall , provided the presence of all the House of Representatives among them sitters, as he pointed out that the implementation of President Fuad Masum , the initiative will solve the crisis.

The leader of the Coalition MP Ares Abdullah in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "We entered the House chamber in response to the initiative of the President of the Republic to resolve the crisis , the council, but some of our colleagues did not abide by them , " noting that "infallible initiative List and implementation will solve the crisis."

He added that "MPs of Kurdistan Sidakhlua session hall in case the income of all deputies, including sitters, or have we entered a solution to the crisis , "noting that" it is difficult to enter any session without the presence of the protesters of Representatives. "

The MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Chuan Daoudi, announced Wednesday (April 20, 2016), that the Kurdish deputies left the capital Baghdad after their notification by the President Saleem al - Jubouri parliament to postpone the meetings of the Council until further notice.