«Daash» escape the effects of Mosul to Turkey

4/23/2016 0:00

Russian agency reveal the looting of repentance {Hill} Archaeological
MOSUL - agency Sputnik
Aired agency «Sputnik» Russian Friday exclusive video said they got it from an Iraqi source within the city of Mosul, the video shows a tunnel dug by the organization «Daash» terrorist in «Tel repentance» area of ​​ancient archaeological in Mosul, to steal precious monuments and smuggled through Turkey.
«Sputnik» and quoted the source locally from inside Mosul, singled Agency video, and shows how the organization «Daash» job hole and a tunnel under the «Tel repentance» down the historical wall of Nineveh, the famous, to extract the effects and smuggled out of Nineveh, said the source, who declined to be named: The «elements« Daash »are daily looted effects through this hole, and all different types, shapes, precious, bearing ancient cuneiform writing, including the Assyrian return of king Sargon II and Sennacherib and Nimrod estimated useful life thousands of years, but the era of the seventh century BC».
And monitor the source, some clay tablets bearing cuneiform writing scattered and destroyed in all parties «Tel repentance» located south of Mosul between neighborhoods «unity» and »Finance» and »eastern Nineveh», and near the tunnel «Aldaasha» monument terrorist organization, a private tunnel that power generator they enter continuously every day.
For his part, stressed professor at the Faculty of Archaeology at the University of Mosul, Dr. Amer Abdullah al-Jumaili, told «Sputnik», on Friday, that «the organization« Daash »plunder and steal the effects of Nineveh and smuggled out of the country via Turkey, and there are about 25 archaeological pieces reached Israel, and the other was sold in European auctions. »