Oil prices return to rise after falling yesterday 's session

Oil prices returned to rise, Friday, April 22, after falling yesterday's session, to put crude futures on the path of strong gains during the week with a recovery sentiment in the market despite the continued glut in supply.

It was futures trading for crude International benchmark Brent crude increased 57 cents, or about 1.28 percent at $ 45.10 a barrel.
It rose WTI 62 cents, or about 1.45 percent to $ 43.80 a barrel.
Brent crude rose about 4.5 percent since the beginning of the week so far in the third place came the WTI eight percent, putting crude on track to achieve a strong weekly gains.
The high price of crude by more than two-thirds since the lows recorded in 2016 during the period between January and February.
Traders said sentiment in the commodities market has improved despite the oversupply with an infusion of cash from investors, leading to higher prices