Abadi flirts advocacy and coalition Allawi to pass the list of ministerial plans to launch

2016-04-22 23:23:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Plans to Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, will soon bring up a list of ministerial third, strong names contained in previous statements. The prime minister promised both blocs of advocacy and coalition Allawi, the most prominent political forces , which leads the parliament sit - ins, some of the ministries that will not fewer than 22 ministries.

On the other hand extended the protestors team nomination period for the Presidency of the parliament on Sunday. While legitimate team refuses to replace Saleem al - Jubouri, stick to the initiative of the President.

For his part , al - Jubouri said that the House of Representatives will put detailed plans to accelerate the implementation of reforms. According to a statement, yesterday, issued by his office that "the House of Representatives in the past performance of the role assigned to it and it is awaiting the arrival of cabinet reshuffles of the Prime Minister in order to put to the vote, a first step in the reform process ahead."

List ministerial third

On the other hand revealed a parliamentary source well-informed (range) for the prime minister Haider al - Abadi , "will bring the number of ministries to 22, again, without prejudice to the names of the three Kurds minister."

The source, who requested anonymity, the sensitivity of the information, that "Abadi give the Dawa Party , the National Coalition and the Ministry of each party in return for guaranteeing a vote on the new his booth."

The source noted that the prime minister will largely depend on the new list (third) on the list , the list of ministerial second with some modifications.

The source said the new list will not pose replacements for ministries: finance, culture, Displacement and Migration, headed by ministers in response that, Maani, according to the source, that "three figures mentioned will not be replaced in accordance with the Federal Court 's decision , which confirmed that the failure to ask the Minister alternative means to maintain the the previous".

The list of the second - Abadi, which erupted because of the current crisis , Parliament 0.5 names of "closed envelope" list, the list did not include the office of the Ministry of Interior and Defense. And was nominated Faleh al - Fayad, a leader of the Reform Movement, and the National Security Advisor to the Foreign Ministry instead of Ibrahim al - Jaafari.

And the withdrawal of al - Abadi, on that list, the position of the Ministry of Commerce of Iyad Allawi 's bloc to give it to the Turkmen component, and nominated her Omid Ahmed Mohamed, as nominated by the Ministry of Construction, which was the share of the Sadrist movement, the Christian Ann wholesome Balbol.

Neutrals team

In the meantime , play a parliamentary group calling itself "neutral team," the role of mediator between the camps , " the protesters," and "legitimacy" in order to persuade the parties to hold a comprehensive parliamentary session.

MP says Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, a member of the negotiating Camp (range) that "our group arrived at the preliminary results of the two sides with a good outcome."

Efforts Badr block, Her first initiative to reunite the parliament, with 10 deputies from the Dawa party of the protestors is in addition to the Kurdish parties, efforts to push everyone to meet again to hold a unified parliamentary session and ask the sacking of the Presidium of the parliament for a vote.

On the other hand these attempts do not seem far from the "President of the Republic 's initiative" presented last week, and its refusal to sitters, while the new, which may afford third - party initiative, the promises to vote against al - Jubouri , compared to gather all session.

He says a member of the negotiating team (range), who requested anonymity for lack of authorization to declare, that " the President of the Parliament is fully reassuring to hold a comprehensive session without guarantee his survival in office."

Shiite MP points out that "al - Jubouri afraid to vote Badr and Dawa and the Kurdish parties, such as changing the block, against him."

Last chance Jubouri

The alliance is still strong, which belongs to al - Jubouri, Mtzmka latter remain in his post as speaker of parliament, until the overall session called by President Fuad Masum.

She says the victory of al - Jubouri, a member of coalition forces in contact with the (range), " The rally that has occurred at a hearing last Tuesday, after the infallible initiative, increased stuck bloc Salim al - Jubouri."

But al - Jubouri , indicate that the mass "upholds the legitimacy of more than Jubouri and will stand with the parliament 's decision to vote the latter in favor of or against him, but after being given the right to the Speaker of Parliament article clarify his position in the global session, and reveals what happened in his last meeting with the head of the government." According to the MP to a meeting with al - Abadi al - Jubouri in the fourth office, already provide more than 170 deputies requested dismissal of the Presidency of the Parliament.

Opposition Bloc

The admission of the Federal Court appeal Jubouri the legality of his dismissal, if he submitted already, the only scenario in which the House of Representatives will push the protestors to accept the return of the Presidium of the article parliament.

In this context, says MP Azim and Healing, one of the most prominent protesters, (range) , "even if the court has decided that we will stay the opposition and beneficial to the people of the block, because we will try to uncover the hidden files."

The protesters accuse al - Jubouri camp that he deliberately hide some files of corruption or delay questioning ministers political calculations. The team waits for the protesters, even on Sunday, received the names of candidates for the office of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, after the deadline was extended for another day instead of Saturday.

He adds Healing, which caused Aatsamh disconnect it from the Islamic Party, "for that matter was a Sunni candidate of the coalition forces or the National Coalition or any other party, and can choose a Shiite figure. But no return to the past."

The sole representative of Basra, indicates that "names like Mohammed Tamim, and Salah al - Jubouri, Azzedine State, nominated themselves as substitutes for Jabouri." But these names denied candidacy for the post of parliament speaker.

On the other hand the number of protesters to 120, according to Health and Healing, after the withdrawal of 34 deputies from the Sadrist movement, after their leader 's decision to freeze the block and ending vigil on Wednesday.

By contrast slipped Saleem al - Jubouri had signed what was known as the "document of honor" and said he "was signed in his personal capacity and not the president of the parliament." Jubouri and seemed close to al- Sadr camp, which strongly criticized the signatories to the document.

Healing and believed that "al - Jubouri , trying to win some votes in his favor by backing away from that document, the government accepted to provide the cabins of technocrats." But the visual MP believes that "al - Jubouri , a significant disagreement with some Shiite parties such as the Badr bloc that have not communicates with them in regards to the security situation in Diyala."