MP warns al - Jubouri , the protection of Parliament to implement the guidance to bring the media cadres

2016-04-22 21:29:26 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Warned a spokesman for the House of Representatives of the protesters Attorney Haitham al - Jubouri, on Friday, in charge of security forces to protect the House of Representatives of the implementation guidance issued by the Presidency , which he described as "previous" serving to bring the media cadres of the Council, in what was seen this procedure indicates the existence of "deliberate intention" against the House of Representatives the protesters.

Jubouri said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, "directing the previous Presidency of the regiment to protect the parliament building outputs of radio cars of satellite channels is a legal offense and muzzling of the mouths and prevent freedom of expression on the basis of the Law to Protect Journalists in force."

He said al - Jubouri , " is not entitled to the President of the Council to bring this matter because the council building does not belong to him who is president, how it is an article , " warning "protection regiment of the implementation of this directive because it will expose them to difficult to calculate in accordance with applicable laws."

He called on the satellite channels to "expose these tactics and focus light on them and clarify the lack of constitutionality and legality , " adding that "this trend means there is a deliberate intention of Representatives against the protesters and not to report the facts and curtail the role of the media and the fear of shamed."

A parliamentary source revealed, on Thursday (April 21, 2016), for providing eight nominate candidates for the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to Adnan al- Janabi , who was chosen by the House of Representatives sitters as interim president, noting that the candidates are Salah al - Jubouri , and Ahmed al - Jubouri and Qutaiba al - Jubouri and Niyazi Oglu, Mohammed al - Tamimi and Ghazi Matter as Zaher Abadi and Ahmed electrodes, and pointing out that all the names mentioned was nominated for the presidency of the parliament except Niazi Ihsanoglu , who has been nominated to the post of first vice president.

He denied head of the parliamentary bloc of the Alliance of Iraqi forces , Ahmed electrodes, yesterday, his candidacy for the post of President of the House of Representatives, while stressing the legitimacy of the current parliament chairman Salim al - Jubouri and his two deputies Hamoudi and Aram Sheikh Mohammed.