Kurdish MPs leave Baghdad after the postponement of the parliamentary sessions until further notice
00:44:06 21/04/2016
| (Voice of Iraq) - Kirkuk MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Chuan Daoudi that the Kurds of Representatives left the capital Baghdad, noting that it came after notified by the Speaker of Parliament , Salim al postpone the meetings of the Council until further notice. He said Daoudi: "We deputies response we left on Wednesday evening to the Kurdistan region, and it was enough to receive us citizens and the families of the martyrs and Anfal, to greet me and MP Ribawar Taha and Rep . Rankin Abdullah when our backs its position in attacking a number of MPs in the thirteenth of this month when abhorred the martyrs of the Peshmerga and the operations of the Anfal. " he added Daoudi that" the Kurds of Representatives will not participate in the parliamentary session because Speaker Salim al - Jubouri told us to postpone the parliamentary session until further notice and it left Baghdad and we went back to the region and Kirkuk. " " the recipients were from the families of the martyrs of the Peshmerga and their wounded and the families of Anfal and elements of the Peshmerga veterans , "pointing out that" this position is support for us and our voters guide , which defended the insistence on our approach and our policy and our plans stemming from the history of our party and the struggle and sacrifices. " He stressed that" the Kurdistan Alliance and the Union of forces and the mass of citizens and virtue and vice Msheian withdrew from yesterday 's session due to the chaos. " said parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, said yesterday the suspension of hearings and the realization of the House of Representatives until further notice, while he regretted some are trying to impose their will by force. Add comment
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