Masum: Federal decides to dismiss the President of the Republic
Tarikh التحریر: 2016/4/21

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} President Fouad Massoum said, he will begin Saturday, with intensive meetings with all the blocks in order to reach a solution to the crisis in the country.
Masoom said during a recent interview obtained by agency {forat news} about the initiative, "I can say that everyone agreed on this map, but technically, there is a party has prepared a scenario appropriate for this initiative, it did not achieve the desired results," adding: "we will stand at this point, we must have other ideas and projects to resolve this dilemma.
He stressed that "the solution should be through discussion, not through some large blocks as you want to other blocks", stating "this is why I'm starting next Saturday to hold intensive meetings with all the blocks access to other solutions because all currently bound towards the Presidency, of being outside of this conflict".
"He has my group of Deputies the protestors yesterday and explained to them that I'm not with you against each other, and not with the other party against you, but we have to try in earnest to solve this problem as quickly as possible, it could not stop the work of Parliament, because our program is, and to Parliament to administer".
With regard to the dismissal of the President by parliamentarians, the infallible, that "the President cannot be dismissed only by a decision of the Federal Court, or treason or violating the constitutional oath, or not to apply the Constitution, provided that conviction came before the Federal Court, and then come a conviction to Parliament, and a vote on the dismissal of the Prime Minister or the President of the Republic." article.php%3Fstoryid%3D114763