Net: officials ignored the advice of reference and they are now begging for solutions is its people

Criticized the representative of the supreme religious authority in Karbala, Mr. Ahmed net "ignore" politicians and policymakers reference tips.
Safi said in his speech yesterday gala opening of the new net to the shrine of Imam Abbas [p] as the first purely Iraqi industry, "We have stated on more than one occasion -_khasossa in Friday sermons and since Snin- to all those who fought for political and administrative positions that most of the problems afflicting the country is resolved when these energies and competencies, and must provide the atmosphere and its development, but unfortunately they were in a deep sleep and some Almtsidin political action does not even trust himself how trusting others. "
"We have repeated it whenever we had the chance to talk about the problems of the country with those who believe that it has the effect or part of the decision-making, whether executives or legislatures, but not because of our words, but the echo, were in a deep sleep."
Net He continued, "There is no doubt when we see our country this ancient and giant country and see our people generous Karim this situation of instability, we do not know where we will end up? He has managed Almtsdon backs of each piece of advice, guidance and become the Odhawwa and they touch begging for solutions is its people, begging for solutions other than her family from here and there, the eye, leaving the net when Ali, and they do so away from the solution for miles. "
And "The confidence of our cards and our competencies are bound to go out of the country if properly crises Almtsdon manage these energies, but they are in a deep sleep ask God to wake them up from Rkdthm sooner."