Union powers: able to achieve a quorum for a meeting headed by al - Jubouri

2016-04-21 17:08:48 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Confirmed Federation of Iraqi forces, on Thursday, its ability to achieve a quorum for a meeting of the House of Representatives , headed by Salim al - Jubouri.

The leader of the Union Abdul Kahar Samarrai said in an interview for the Sumerian News, "We and other political blocs are able to convene a session chaired by Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, and the completion of a quorum and proceed with the process of legislation."

He said the Samurai, "but we are keen to go one frame and for all for the meeting, and if the House of Representatives was not willing to do so, we are going to hold a hearing and show cabins technocrats for a vote."

The House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri confirmed, Thursday, continued dialogues and meetings between the various parties in preparation for the comprehensive meeting of the House of Representatives, stressing that resolving the cabinet reshuffles.