The imminent arrival of the international group of experts to Iraq to investigate suspicions of corruption in the oil contracts

2016-04-21 18:01:37 | (Voice of Iraq) - confirmed the arrival of a team of international experts and investigators after a week
The board integrity refute allegations launched a prejudgment on the issue of oil contracts
Refuted claims the board integrity launch a prejudgment on the issue of what is known as the oil contracts that have been raised through the means of foreign and local media, asserting that the allegations launched a prejudgment about the lack of advancement and the strength of evidence obtained in the case are false allegations, did not issue them at all.
The body was responding to what was raised in one of the programs offered across the Tigris satellite channel on Friday , 04.08.2016 by the guests of the two judges (Wael Abdul Latif and Rahim) to the continuation of the investigation in the case, denying any pre - launch provisions acquittal or conviction names received in the case, expressing the intense surprise of the information cited by the judges with accusations sedan body was to declare the innocence of the names included in the investigation, or as Mr. Ugaili went ( to give them instruments of innocence).
She stressed not issued any statement or statement acquit or condemn anyone, but on the contrary the body in all its statements and data confirmed the continuity of the investigation into the case through a high - level group composed for this purpose under the chairmanship of Vice - President of the Authority and the membership of the Departments of directors of investigations and legal in the Authority, as well as Director General of the Department of legal Office of financial supervision and the inspectors general of the ministries of oil and foreign.
They pointed out that it carried out the investigation and search warrant for the company 's headquarters (ONA Oil) in the capital , Baghdad, and approached a number of Iraqi embassies in a number of countries including Australia, France and the United Kingdom; in order to provide them with documents and evidence to support the investigation, as well as its pursuit and in coordination with the Office of Inspector General Ministry of Foreign Affairs to meet a number of investigative journalists and investigators foreigners to collect documents and evidence.
The body was to its agreement with the United Nations aimed at supporting investigators international is to involve them in the investigation with an international dimension, including on the question of the company (ONA Oil), pointing out that the United Nations had expressed willingness principled on this important and unprecedented project, stressing that the Ad Hoc Group International for this purpose could be up to Iraq next week.
He confirmed hearing the testimony of a number of officials mentioned in the case raised by the media, and the request of the Iraqi Oil Ministry to provide Boulyat case, also heard the testimony of a number of officials.
It showed that the steps in the process of the case studied and within the limits of the law, and did not deliberately skip the exclusive competence set by the law in force No. 30 for the year 2011 has claimed innocence or charge one, and thus committed a formidably high professionalism, indicating that it operates transparently not fear anyone and are not subject only to the law.
And he warned they moved immediately monitor details of the case through the media, and did not wait for an order from one or Aaaza so; being aware of its duty not waiting to be guided by one, and the last months preceding the date of her work showed a correction remarkable track and technocratic in the files , and issues no one dares to inferiority of or exposure.

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