Electrodes denies his candidacy for the post of parliament speaker confirms the legitimacy of al - Jubouri

2016-04-21 16:38:39 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Denied parliamentary bloc , the Iraqi forces to alliance chairman Ahmed electrodes, on Thursday, his candidacy for the post of President of the House of Representatives, while stressing the legitimacy of the current parliament chairman Salim al - Jubouri and his two deputies Hamoudi and Iaram Sheikh Mohammed.

He said the Office of the electrodes in a statement that "some local media covered the story that Ahmed electrodes head of the parliamentary bloc of the Alliance of Iraqi forces has been nominated himself for the post of President of the House of Representatives , replacing Salim al - Jubouri , head of the Council."

The statement added, "While the media office Ahmed electrodes categorically denies this news Naked health completely, it renews its firm principled position of Ahmed electrodes , which was from the beginning and is still refusing to session last Thursday to illegitimacy and violating the constitution and rules of procedure of the House of Representatives."

The statement, on the "legitimacy of the Presidency of the Council 's current representative Salim al - Jubouri , Chairman of the Board and the membership of his two deputies , Sheikh Hamoudi and Iaram Sheikh Mohammed."

It is said that some media deliberated news, Thursday, nominated for the head of the parliamentary coalition forces Ahmed electrodes to the post of Chairman of the Board of Representatives.