Sadrists withdrawal "implicated" MPs defected from the bloc ... and sitters hold a session today


BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Stop deputies from the protesters on the platform of the press center of the House of Representatives awaiting the arrival of their colleagues to read their statement, which speaks about the intention of the interim President deployment absences of Representatives and the staff of the parliament after the official working disabled by the Presidency to the article further notice. At this time he shouts colleagues from inside the cafeteria of the House of Representatives to protest the decision to block free withdrawal from the sit-in after the release of their leader Moqtada al-Sadr.
Protesters poured out their anger on the MP of quitting, who was present since the early morning hours in the cafeteria of the parliament, after the announcement of the final position of the chest, prompting Balzamla to packs his bags and withdraw HOS who withdrew from his Parliament.
He called on the leader of the Sadrist bloc Liberal MPs to withdraw from the sit-in inside the parliament and not engaging the "rhetoric" of political, calling for a freeze to block free until the vote on the cabin ministerial session.
It loomed puzzlement and amazement and frustration marks on the features of the protesters who tried to keep them from holding a meeting to discuss this sudden development. The protesters were unable to take a final decision on the implications, but they have told their colleagues in a meeting held late on Wednesday to prepare for Thursday's meeting.
After the withdrawal of the Sadrists was left inside the cafeteria of the parliament only 15 deputies of the mass of the protesters, then took the rest of the protesters from the House of Representatives to join their colleagues. The cafeteria of the parliament, which was the center of the deputies of the protesters, and a turbulent atmosphere prevailed after the chaos swept the cries of some expression of discontent from the withdrawal of the Liberals, who put a lot of them in an awkward position after some of them abandoned their parties and blocs. Many of the protesters deputies found no option but to leave the House of Representatives.
In the meantime directed the Attorney Mutasim Ahmed al-Jubouri, a rapid pace of one of the corridors of parliament heading to the press center for journalists to confirm the continuation of the protest, stressing that Thursday's meeting will be held to choose a new alternative for the presidency of the body earlier.
He said al-Jubouri, told the (range), that "there are the names of candidates reached the age of President will be put to the vote in Thursday's session to end the theme of the new Presidency."
MP from the Union of Forces and stressed that "the Liberal withdrawal will not affect the numbers of protesters, and they continue to sit," pointing out that "the number of the protesters with the Sadrists up to more than 150 deputies and without the number would be close to 120 deputies."
For his part, he explains MP Alexander and Tut, who presided over the sacking of the Presidium of the parliament, said the "meeting of the House of Representatives staff will begin their work in Thursday's session after disabling their shift by Salim al-Jubouri, which shows the control of the parties on all the institution legislative circles."
He and berries, told the (range) that "Thursday's meeting will be held as usual in order to select a new body and the presidency will be a secret vote."
He was Speaker announced the article, Saleem al-Jubouri, Tuesday, the suspension of parliament sessions and the work until further notice, while attributed the delay to preserve the "reputation" of the Council and its transformation into "an arena for wrestling and the imposition of wills by force."
In a later development, held Allawi's coalition, the main powers involved in the parliamentary sit-ins, which was chaired by one of the deputies recent sessions, held an emergency meeting to discuss the implications of the withdrawal of the Sadrists Representatives.
He said the National Coalition, in a statement received (range) a copy of Wednesday evening, he and its leader, Dr. Iyad Allawi adopted, and since the start of the political process 13 years ago, pennants establish a civil state, and the elimination of sectarian and political quotas, and an end to exclusion and marginalization policies, and the fight against corruption, and achieve national reconciliation.
The statement added that "the entry of some in this reform project or exit from it does not mean that they are relying on them and where it is to pick the lineup with the masses and the adoption of its demands."
The national coalition, "the continuation of his deputies and his audience Karim in the political mobility and popular with their fellow deputies and the masses of the other blocks until we achieve all the demands of the Iraqi people, dear."