Report: the only solution to address the problem of sharing resources between Baghdad and Erbil is the signature of a bilateral agreement between the two

28.03.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
(AKnews) wrote the status of "The National Interest," the U.S. report felt that the Iraqi Kurds still dream of their state own, but their wealth is still linked to Baghdad, while the Iraqis feel disappointed, as they believe that the Kurds have influence on the constitution aims to strengthen the independence of their state under the exchange of accusations and internal conflicts. The report, "The National Interest," which publishes news agency Kurdistan "AKnews" the second part of it, that "the only solution to such a complex problem is to sign a bilateral agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on the sharing of oil revenues." said the American Center he must subsequently make constitutional changes lead to eliminate the threat to form a Kurdish, which can lead to the regionalization of other places in Iraq, especially by rich regions oil wealth, that puts the Kurds aside for the moment their constitutional right to form an autonomous region. The report that "the oil enters the heart of the controversy Federal, under the stand-off on legislation governing the control of the oil and gas sector, where it appears the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on the issues of oil out of reach." The drawback report says that it "must ensure that the share of the Kurdistan region of the proceeds of Oil and the signing of contracts for oil through long-term program of self-government as the Kurdistan Regional Government is currently unable to export oil, which is subject to the vagaries of the annual budget of Baghdad. " He said that in contrast, the Kurdistan Regional Government will not recognize the authority of a central oil revenues, and the leaders Kurdish need to agree that these arrangements do not apply only to the Kurdistan region, undertake not to oppose the laws of Baghdad. The report also pointed to the other option is an agreement through negotiation, where you can ensure the flow of exports Kurdish freely through pipelines controlled by Baghdad in return for the The Kurdistan Regional Government operations through sales of the central government in Baghdad, with revenue collection through the Ministry of Finance. of: Khalil Khalil, RN peace Baghdadi

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