Director General of the Rasheed Bank Aukd's (dinars) inclusion of all employees and citizens housing loans

BAGHDAD / Karim Jassim al-Tai / .. Rasheed Bank director general of the Ministry of Finance Mohamed Abdel Wahab revealed that the bank financed 37 apartment complex distributed in all provinces Alarac.makda inclusion of all citizens and staff housing loans of up to 75 million dinars.
Said Abdul Wahab, in a statement singled out by the agency / KD / economic: that the bank allocated a trillion and a half trillion dinars within the plan Alotmanah 2016 spread over 151 branches of the bank in Iraq in order to grant loans to all sectors, including industrial, agricultural and residential, small and medium enterprises. He is pointing out that the residential sector had the largest share of investors during the financing for the construction of housing units for the purpose of reducing the housing crisis that has plagued Iraq.
He said: that the bank currently finances 37 residential project spread over most of Iraq's provinces, including Baghdad, Basra, Kirkuk and Tikrit, Diwaniya and other province, where reached an advanced achievement in some of these residential complexes ratios.
He said Abdul Wahab that the bank gives two types of loans for the construction of residential complexes, the first granted to investors after it is more than 25% of the construction and completion of the project to ensure the properties clog the value of the loan.
He added: The second type of loan is granted to citizens, employees and the private sector to buy housing units horizontal or vertical .mnoha that the bank identified loan housing units for staff and an interest rate of 8%, including 7% of the bank and 1% for an investor in the amount of 75 million dinars and citizens of 40 million dinars to be paid the loan duration of 15 years.
He pointed Abdul Wahab said the bank contributed to the revitalization of the industrial sector by granting large loans for the operation of large plants or buying new production lines, and these projects are laboratories for the production of cement in Samawa and lab turnkey construction in Wasit province, and complex breeding cows in the Rashidiya area in the province of Baghdad and other projects that contribute to the development of the work of the private sector and the promotion of industrial and agricultural development and livestock.
And Abdel Wahab that the bank followed up and visit Almtlko projects to reach a deal with the problems faced by these projects and promotion of .mnoha that the bank has Ptkst accumulated loans to entrepreneurs Almtlko addition to increasing the duration of repayment of loans obtained from the bank the fact that the bank aims to the development and advancement of the productive sectors.
Abdul Wahab confirmed that the bank decided to reduce the interest rate from 10% to 8% .daia all beneficiaries of bank loans to abide by the dates of the payment of premiums lending in order to benefit from the largest possible number of beneficiaries of the lending process of inclusion. / End / 22 /