Sadr Speech

Mr. Sadr holds follow the [third term] the responsibility of the parliament crisis and calls for a withdrawal from the picket Representatives

April 20, 2016

Download the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr what he described as following the [third term], referring to the former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, is responsible for the political crisis that is currently taking place in Parliament.

Sadr said in a statement, "it is still a lot of politicians are trying to twist the Iraqi popular revolution thoroughbreds on the track which line it, trying in various ways converted into a parliamentary political disputes in order to hold on to narrow their earnings or for retribution against those who are still [third term]."

He added that "The Parliamentary ongoing conflict in the parliament but also in the outside became negatively affect the prestige of the popular Iraqi revolution thoroughbreds, which emerged from the womb of Iraq and its statesmen, its people and in terms of a split parliament without reaching the required number in order to carry the reforms desired Some demanded to keep the political quota system and the gains of the party a far cry from the real demands of the people and the other division became demanding reform fits with the political goals only revenge to reach its objectives despicable. "

He pointed chest "From here I find of interest to maintain the reputation of Iraqi popular revolution of the Arab and Iraqi Rabieha Islamic fulfilled by continuing peaceful protests and with the same vigor, but more than that in order to be a paper stressful politicians and lovers of corruption and sectarian quotas and political hateful, orderly centralized and the orders are not entitled to any hand to prevent it, otherwise the revolution will turn into another face of God and the world. "

He stressed "the relentless pursuit towards the formation of a popular coalition includes unified national parliaments and people with good intentions truth away from the people Almarb Alvaah and selectivity truth to pursue a united Iraq and a new political process is far from sectarian quotas and to replace partisan technocrats rather than muggers."

Sadr called on to "Anhsab good guys national MPs sit in the parliament and not engaging political Palmeatrut even freeze the Liberal bloc until the meeting to vote on the ministerial cabin tagged independent Baltknuaqrat and the rest of the other grades, with high thanked for their efforts they have made."

He pointed out the leader of the Sadrist movement, "after we have seen non-interference of embassies in the course of events of the revolution of Ama nor positively became incumbent on the rebels non-infringement of any of the embassies and even cheers or elsewhere, but we are at the same time ask the Organization of the Islamic countries and the United Nations to intervene in order to bring out the people Iraqi from his ordeal and correction of the political process, even through the idea of ​​[early elections] may be the beginning of the end of the quota system and the rampant corruption in the corridors of politics and government. "

He stressed "the necessity that this revolution is a popular revolution for the people, and so it should not disrupt essential services to the people and that was the sit-in in front of ministries, there are other institutions should continue their always serve the public interest."

He concluded his statement by saying al-Sadr, "all of that and other makes of Iraqi popular revolution thoroughbreds with a national character is unequivocal or forms that can be raised with weak souls."