Chest: Parliamentary ongoing conflict under the dome became negatively affect the prestige of the Revolution
Wednesday April 20, 2016
Alsumaria News / Baghdad
accused the cleric Muqtada al - Sadr , on Thursday, politicians did not identify of trying to "popular revolution letter" in Iraq on the track and turn it into political conflicts to avenge those who "still the third term", while noting that the ongoing parliamentary conflict in the parliament became "negatively" affect the "prestige of the revolution." Sadr said in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of it, that " a lot of politicians are still trying to twist the Iraqi popular revolution thoroughbreds on the track which line it , " he said , adding that they were "trying in various ways converted into Saasah parliamentary disputes in order to hold on to narrow their earnings for retribution against those who are still third term. "

He said al- Sadr that "Parliamentary ongoing conflict under the dome , but also in the outside became negatively affect the prestige of the popular Iraqi revolution thoroughbreds, which emerged from the womb of Iraq and its statesmen and its people , " referring to "split parliament without reaching the required number of the reforms desired." He drew the chest that "some are calling for quotas to keep the political and partisan gains a far cry from the real demands of the people , " explaining at the same time that "others became demanding reform fits with the political goals only revenge to reach its objectives despicable."