Iraq is moving to end the crisis and the formation of the parliamentary opposition bloc


Wednesday , April 20, 2016

A few hours after the withdrawal of the Sadrist movement in Iraq leader Moqtada al - Sadr for his deputies to sit parliamentarians , which is expected to end soon lost Iraqi leaders began talking about the end of the parliamentary crisis in heading sitters to form an opposition parliamentary front with about 100 members of Parliament.

The Parliament Speaker Salim said in front All major work requires unite and give up personal interests for the benefit of the nation and its people , stressing that all opinions respected and the ability of even those who disagrees.

This came during a meeting Jubouri Wednesday with the head of damaging uniting for reform Osama Najafi , where he was " a detailed search of the developments in the political situation and the ways and mechanisms to the preservation of national consensus and the gains of the political process and fortify of slippage. " Jubouri stressed "his determination and his eagerness to proceed to hold a comprehensive meeting of the Council in order to proceed with the march of reform , " .. He explained by saying , "highly appreciate all the calls for reform , it has sought to achieve , and we trust the faithful to overcome the crisis and achieve the aspirations of our people."

He added , "We have a lot of work entails us unite and give up personal interests for the benefit of the nation and its people ".. stressing that" all the views respected and the ability of even those who Takalphena They will not stand in the way of our endeavors to achieve national consensus and ensure the support and assistance of the international community , "as quoted by a press statement by his press office has received a " Elaf "read".

For his part , Secretary General of the Organization of "Badr" Hadi al - Ameri called on MPs to hold a unified meeting at the earliest possible opportunity to get out a solution to the current crisis and restore the role of the legislature. He expressed appreciation for the decision to cleric Moqtada al - Sadr , "solving the crisis of parliament , " .. calling All parliamentarians to unite and put aside their differences and hold a unified meeting at the earliest possible opportunity to get out a solution to the current crisis and restore the role of the legislature. "

The Shiite cleric Sheikh Mohammed al - Yacoubi has stressed the need for parliament to reunite and his call for an urgent meeting at the earliest to be an umbrella for all the blocks in which the election is being Prime job opened nominations for the body new presidency to the parliament where the balance saves components session with and take into account the foundations of national partnership.

As a student reference display the new line- up to parliament for a vote of confidence and direct the restructuring of state institutions and the revision of laws .. and the need to strive to create conditions for elections in accordance with the laws reflect precisely the will of the voters in their representatives and express the will of the people without the hegemony of one of their decisions and attitudes as quoted by his press office said in a statement seen the text "Culture."

The reference student presented the new line- up to parliament for a vote of confidence and direct the restructuring of state institutions and revision of laws .. and the need to strive to create conditions for elections in accordance with the laws accurately reflect the will of voters in their representatives and express the will of the people without the hegemony of one of their decisions and attitudes.

Hakim asserts insistence on cabinet reshuffle and not to encroach upon the Parliament
The president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al - Hakim that reform is not the coup against legitimacy , referring to the attempt to dismiss the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the work on the completion of the reshuffle and restructuring of the state and support real reform and the prosecution of corrupt and not be allowed to waive the Sharia and the Constitution under any name.

Hakim said during the cultural Forum organized by the Council in Baghdad late on Monday that Iraq has passed since 2003 , much of the serious crises and challenges destiny, but the day before the most serious crisis because it has reached the legitimacy that all state structures and institutions breed them and that 's what did not happen previously.

He warned that the reform and the search for solutions and evaluate the performance and protect people and secure their future can not be the coup against legitimacy and divided and weakened .. He explained that there are countries in the world have fought major divisions and civil wars harsh but maintained the unity of the parliament and respect Aldstorlonhma the only ones that can sustain the re - woof the sons of one homeland and restore harmony to the different parties .. he pointed out that that if parliament collapsed and was overtaking on the Constitution, then everything becomes permissible , and all the state and its institutions become devoid of legitimacy and all the political forces in society will work at the time in the political jungle is not ruled by law or principle.

He Mr. Ammar al - Hakim that "chaos does not lead to a system, this is God that control nature, politics and the rules of society," adding that he "can they kill what they want on the chaos, some of them call it {creative} and some of them call it {constructive}, whom calls {reform}, but it remains a mess, not only produce more chaos. "

Hakim said" we demanded more than once to be the National Alliance (Shiite) stronger and more institutionalized and did not listen to us some of what is happening today one of the results of the fragmentation of the coalition, which represents the political basis on which produced a candidate for the presidency of the Council of Ministers ".. adding that this fragmentation has shifted from the political situation to the parliamentary situation and within the corridors of government.

He stressed that adhering to reform and change .. he said" We will continue to work with our brothers and allies principals will not allow for some who are hiding behind the feelings of honesty and sincerity to ride the wave and manipulates words and there will be two camps or fronts camp for reformers one but there Landes , including those who are trying to pass Ajindath own motivated by greed Owalantqam. "

He said al - Hakim said , " we will maintain legitimacy and will accept the results of any whether under the roof of the Constitution and the law "..

He expressed his appreciation to Muqtada al - Sadr , "the quality of his move to support the legislative institution and resolve the sit - in." "We will overcome this crisis , despite the seriousness of the amount and we will ministerial amendment and restructuring of the state and support real reform and the prosecution of corrupt sooner or later , we will not allow the plaintiffs to waive the law and the Constitution under any name."

Earlier in the day called the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr Organization of the Islamic countries and the United Nations intervention in order to take out the Iraqi people from their ordeal and correction of the political process , even through the idea of "early elections" and that may be the beginning of the end of the quota system and the rampant corruption in the corridors of politics and government.

Sadr said in a statement that some people call to keep the political quota system and the gains of the party away all the slave for the people 's demands real and other division became demanding reform fits with the political goals only revenge for Solo to its goal despicable. "he pointed out that he found" the interest of preserving the reputation of the Iraqi popular revolution Iraqi Arab and Islamic Rabieha by continuing peaceful protests and with the same vigor in order to be a paper stressful politicians and lovers of corruption and quotas sectarian and political hateful, orderly centralized orders not entitled to any party to prevent it or else the revolution will turn into the face of another. "

He pointed to the relentless pursuit towards the formation of a popular coalition united with up to parliamentarians with genuine national intentions far from those Almorb factional and retaliatory narrow to pursue a unified Iraq and the process of new political far away from quotas and sectarianism to replace technocrats rather than partisan muggers.

He called on national good guys of Representatives to "withdraw from the sit -in inside the parliament and not engaging political Palmeatrut even freeze the Liberal bloc until the meeting to vote on the ministerial cabin tagged independent Baltknuaqrat and the rest of the other grades."

Sitters deputies continue was converted to mass opposition either at the level of the protestors of Representatives their spokesman Representatives MP Haitham al - Jubouri , was confirmed to continue the sit -in and insist on their position reformist.

He said that the protesters understand the position of cleric Moqtada al - Sadr to withdraw his parliamentary bloc of the protest and the freezing of their work .. He pointed out being under great pressure by the political leaders. And be annexed in a statement that al- Sadr 's decision to freeze the Liberal block the Sadrist parliamentary That does not mean they came out of the initial position corresponding to the campaign but it is a political move smart confine sharecroppers in a tight corner and supersedes all their excuses and forcing them to Rcn to the demands of the masses and leave their personal interests and partisan abhorrent after the enforcement deadline , which gave them according to his mind.

He hoped the parliamentary speaker on the chest to take a firm decision to install the unity and attitude among the protesters, including the Liberal bloc who Atazron with the masses protester and Almatsamh in Baghdad and the provinces ..olasima there are growing daily number of Representatives joined us is very large , "he said.

Although not referring Jubouri to move the protesters in the future , but the "Culture" has learned that the number of Hoala of Representatives , which decreased after the withdrawal of deputies of the Sadrist movement and totaling 30 members are currently studying the formation of the opposition bloc in the House of Representatives may include one hundred deputy. but a source in the Parliament questioned the possibility of the success of this block in its mission due to join its members to different political blocs already in the positions and orientations of the current pressing issues of Iraq.

Washington denies coordination with Tehran about Iraq and the political crisis in Washington confirmed on the absence of any coordination her with Tehran in support of a key parliament and the government of Iraqis it said the modern thermal weapons will be used to liberate the city of Mosul from the grip of the organization Daash.

Onv American Yassador in Iraq Stuart Jones having any communication with the embassy Iran on key parliament Salim al - supporting and Minister Haider al - Abadi, he said in a press statement to a group of Iraqi journalists in Baghdad today and published by local agencies and stressed Jones on the absence of any contact with the Iranian embassy on support for Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and parliament Speaker Salim al .. he explained he did not know the position of Iranians on this issue.

He noted that it had permitted the use of the US Apache helicopters in the battle to liberate Mosul from the control of the organization Daash he said that US Secretary of defense Ashton Carter visited Iraq Wednesday and were allowed to use artillery system propelled thermal used to support the battle of Mosul .. indicating that the US soldiers bicentennial who come to Iraq to participate in the liberation of Mosul would work some on system weapons of calories and the majority of them military advisers as well as permission to bring some of the advisers in the leadership of the brigades and regiments to support Iraqi forces in Mosul campaign.

He noted Jones that "Apache attack US aircraft in Iraq and are available for defensive purposes but it will be used for the battle to liberate Mosul .. pointing out that "his country has supported the Peshmerga forces by about $ 415 million in consultation and coordination with the Iraqi government."

With regard to the political differences in Iraq , Jones said that the US government looks at what is happening in the Iraqi Council of Representatives on it is an internal issue .. he said that it believes that the current time is not right to political crises , but must devote to face challenges such as organizing Daash terror and the economic crisis.

And economic reforms in Iraq , said that the economic reforms the Iraqi government began effects show an increase of non - oil imports .. he pointed out the continuation of the Iraqi government in this performance will contribute significantly to the elimination or reduction of the budget deficit. He believed that the Iraqi government 's success in economic reforms would mean signing an agreement with the IMF Atathsal a loan worth billions of dollars.

He said Jones that President Obama will attend the summit of the GCC , Saudi Arabia , the Council, which will be held tomorrow and will call for Gulf companies to provide economic support for Iraq and the countries neighboring to provide humanitarian support for the displaced Iraqis. He stressed that Washington does not support political differences and quotas in Iraq, but calls for the defeat of Daash and address the economic challenges facing the East Asian countries.

The US Department of Defense , "Pentagon" confirmed Monday that the battle to liberate Mosul represents the end game in Iraq , where the organization was seized on the city northern Nineveh province , on the tenth of June 2014 as Iraqi forces were mobilized to continue editing the province with the support of the international coalition.