Harithiya area west of the capital Baghdad Imaging (Mahmoud Raouf)
WASHINGTON: Iraq's economic reforms began effects increase non-oil imports

Author: BS, HH, MK
Editor: BS, HH

4.20.2016 14:48

Long-Presse / Baghdad
It confirmed the United States, on Wednesday that the economic reforms the Iraqi government began to show the effects of an increase of non-oil imports, while pointed to the success of the Iraqi government to reduce the budget deficit would mean obtaining a loan from the International Monetary Fund worth billions of dollars.

The US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones said in an interview for a number of media, including (long-Presse), building the US embassy in Baghdad, he said that "the economic reforms the Iraqi government began its effects appear to increase non-oil imports," noting that "the continuation of the Iraqi government in this performance will contribute great in the elimination or reduction of the budget deficit. "

Jones added that "the Iraqi government's success in economic reforms would mean signing an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, you get a loan worth billions of dollars."