President of the Federation of Iraqi businessmen: the private sector is capable of resolving the financial crisis

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The head of the Iraqi businessmen Union willing Reza Ragheb, the private sector is unable to present stage to develop practical solutions to save the Iraqi economy and country of Iraq crisis. Ragheb, said in a press statement: that the private sector has visions and proposals for an integrated road map image to promote Iraq's economy effectively only the narrow interests that took over the State administration after the fall of the regime and yet not that Iraqi people need policies and procedures of the mechanism and laws. Noting that Iraq has so far adopted laws of the totalitarian regime did not witness any development and no change in those laws, promotion to be the Iraqi economy dynamic economy wheelchair be middle class is class leading Leading to the solution of all problems afflicting the Iraqi economy. Ragheb, noted that the private sector in Iraq before the fall of the regime did not have a substantial financial capacity only in very small slice was surrounded and have interests beyond strips popped system parasite benefited greatly from these people money while the productive sectors, whether agricultural or industrial, services and tourism not instigate the appropriate opportunity is forthcoming and their role, as well as the Government did not help the private sector to promote it so that it can be economic sector. He blaybel : After the fall of the regime, there were directions that the private sector high coordination body regulating work and be parallel to the work of the Government and have leverage toward reform, but unfortunately there are many organizations have reservations because impersonation was prevalent. Ragheb, said: the formation of an umbrella private sector at present include 12 organizations and Union and Association and Association of governing this sector and have a common view particularly key issues affecting the country.