What is the truth cent in Iraqi billion dollars in a US bank?
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Thread: What is the truth cent in Iraqi billion dollars in a US bank?

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    What is the truth cent in Iraqi billion dollars in a US bank?

    What is the truth cent in Iraqi billion dollars in a US bank?

    Article: Zaher al-Zubaidi was published on: 20/4/2016, 12:01

    What percent real Iraqi billion dollars in a US bank?
    By .. Zaher al-Zubaidi
    No longer a secret that our people are his fooling some political rhetoric and baseless political maturity and inexperienced, military and political crises and economic almost toppled future entire fatherland, and to dissipate the attention our bitter truths and duped at least seriousness about fad "technocrats" that we try with it hard out of our sectarianism and awful our fanaticism, push our children to the streets hatvinhena divides us and does not share this evidence that reform is not aimed at Sam but is too shabby aims for more profiting from those crises On against corruption and all political blocs against corruption with reform, but it seems that our reform differs from reform in the rest of the world, people confusing account reform in every bit of his life.

    Deposit $ 100 billion in u.s. bank JPMorgan Chase can't Iraq withdrawal being still under the tutelage of item vi, and in may in an interview on Iraqi satellite television said a member of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment, Ms. Nora albegari about there father the same year Iraqibusiness news website published news of the Iraqi Government's use of three major international banks to advise on organizing meal alaolimn international bonds worth 6 billion dollars, nearly 7.2 trillion Iraqi dinars, of government bonds New attempt to plug vialmoaznh, JPMorgan Chase Bank was one of the three banks.

    I don't think there has been action on those billions from Ms. albegari permit until the moment, if there has been a positive government action on such funds to stop looting of Government regulating salaries alibi and even stopped sit-ins that are approaching the den of the Government and its ministries.

    In a simple review of the commandments section vi which includes articles (38 33) of the Charter of the United Nations; don't believe that Iraq threatens international peace and security, Iraq today live in political and economic crisis and his sons tried to hard security from terrorist groups that she deem lawful or permissible and is desperate for money to sustain the momentum of the battle and de-mystify the economic crisis made by successive Governments, we do not believe that Ms. albegari lie in its statement about the real ones, but we believe that we have the assets and funds exceed This figure much stand politically, unable to claim them or even know their destiny, we also believe that the judicial settlement with the State of Kuwait sister was completed and there is no longer a threat to the security of the meek who ravage it hyenas fierce regional, wasted its economy between the giant economies of the States of the region.

    On government institutions to put before us a clear picture of the fact that money and deposits equivalent to annual budgets in full what her destiny and what procedures for withdrawing them and utilize them wisely, often she was the people's money at learning from spoilers ashore the ugliest art looting and theft, the big mafias that have the upper hand in the loss of those funds, and may be invested for the benefit of some of those gangs that controlled the destiny of the country.

    Ttnzom looting and the longer the battle against corruption and political turmoil; time was corrupt and institutions become more capable of acquiring billions in bulk that moves her compass in the direction the most attracting and utilizing them, helped by concocting some crises and then to maintain a specific level of chaotic situation remains confused and without a clear objective of stability loss of opportunity to investigators until international agencies resolve symbols of corruption that toppled with hundreds of billions of Treasury and is Try today to bring the rest of the central reserve.

    And Iraq's political investment away and overthrow the assistance and that some wished to submit to our will, the deformation will continue our crises and remain stuck in the Middle, unable to evade them, offering to the world a distorted description of security situation

    Political front, everyone is afraid to go the aid of pockets of his emigrant and not spoilers to reconstruct towns or widows of/and his orphans, they add to the plight facing adversity, log and fail every day in their solutions, may be found in the mind of one day.

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