Trade ... continues its preparations for the establishment of International Course (43) of the Baghdad International Fair

Dated: 04/20/2016 Wednesday 7:23

Follow-up / Iraq today
General Company for Iraqi Fairs confirmed to continue its preparations for the establishment of the international edition of the session (43) of the Baghdad International Fair, which will hopefully launch early November.
The general director of the company just Masoudi The technical procedures and logistical and administrative represented the maintenance of the halls and the preparation of the call for countries and companies cards and assigned committees to issue the session guide and supervise the preparation and installation of advertising internal and external Filksat, as well as other matters of preparation discretion and shields certificates to the participants and prepare Platform celebration in coordination with the Ministry of Culture and the preparation of patios and address the ministries chock bodies of security services to provide the necessary protection for the session to maintain the safety of participants He pointed Masoudi to "the media's role in the success of this session of the cycle active and influential for the transfer of the true image of Iraq in general and the company in particular and in line with the goals that the company is seeking to achieve to activate and develop Olmarda and import activity. "