In brief .. This is what happened in the parliament on Tuesday before the cancellation of the meeting

Baghdad -19 April: With events accelerating and conflicting news counted / Iraq Press / clear positions and what happened in the corridors of the hall before the Iraqi parliament canceled the unified session called by President Fuad Masum.

House sitters are discussing the President 's initiative in the closed - door meeting
Protesters at a news conference announcing their rejection of the initiative infallible and send the initiative to the Presidency of the Republic "can be dealt with and bring the situation to what it is , " and warn of entering the diplomatic corps in the Iraqi affairs.
Saleem al - Jubouri declares its readiness to attend the meeting " with an open heart" and is apologizing and his two deputies to manage them .
Saleem al - Jubouri up to Parliament and enters his own office under heavy protection.
Kurdistan Alliance MPs hold meeting with deputies from the Union of Forces and assert their withdrawal from the meeting that the initiative was rejected infallible.

Bader says it will not attend the meeting unless they are united in the presence of all parties
230 deputies of supporters and opponents to dismiss al - Jubouri and his two deputies entered the parliament hall to hold the unified session
The withdrawal of the Kurdish deputies and the Union of Forces for refusing infallible initiative amid recriminations with protesters Representatives and chaos.
Kurdish protesters accuse of exploiting a quorum for the nomination for the presidency of the parliament and other personal as opposed to the agreement with the parliamentary groups that attended the meeting
The number of attendees as low as 152 deputies and then to 150 -hsp electronic voting f Parliament decision of the House of Representatives, one of the protestors confirms that the number of attendees was 200 Vice and announced the beginning of the meeting
Adnan al - Janabi ascend the platform chairman of the parliament 's nomination of Representatives of the protesters and announces to postpone the hearing until next