Agent: Sistani fully aware of the events and watched first hand

Agent: Sistani fully aware of the events and watched first hand
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The representative of the supreme religious authority , Grand Ayatollah Ali al - Sistani, that " the reference fully aware of everything going on and familiar with the events of the moment by moment and go."
Solicitor General of religious reference , Mr. Jawad al - Shahristani said in a speech during his visit to the city of Nabatiyeh in Lebanon , accompanied by the director of Sistani 's office in Beirut , Hamid pumice and theologians "that, despite all the responsibilities enormous placed on the religious authority , but fully aware of everything being familiar with the events of the moment by moment and aphid it addresses all the things wisely and his father and interesting. "
Shahristani said that" Sistani did not get tired to the range because he calculated it, but it was his main concern that people can live in safety and peace, contentment and love, Muslim as well as non - Muslim, Shiite to Besides the Sunni brother, but promises not to say that the year of our brothers , but they are ourselves, he embodied these values ​​that came out of the prophets and imams and heavenly religions, on the ground , and all those who visited him and entered it sees the nobility and find the wisdom and fatherhood and humility , a school for all of us and we have to read it accurate reading, as we learned on the many recipes , including devotion to God Almighty in all the work we want to do, and commanded us sincerity and class in all the main points. "
He pointed out that" Sistani , which calls for all success and repayment pursue things despite the many responsibilities of the many and multiple works. "
the religious authority senior, had been suspended since the fifth of February , political speeches and directives of the government and politicians in a sign of "dissatisfaction" on the government 's performance and failure to resolve the various crises.
the representative of the religious authority in Karbala, Ahmed Safi, was "we have been in every Friday to read in the sermon second written text represents the insights and opinions of religious authority in Iraqi affairs, but may decide not to have it every week at the moment , but which any new things and the requirements occasions. "
the reference has been blamed in recent speeches through their representatives in Karbala, the ruling political forces after the fall the former regime in 2003 for recurrent crises taking place in Iraq.
, said its representative , Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al - Karbalai, in his Friday sermon in the 26 of January , "We have characterized the past few years after the regime change Bhetwala complex crises on the country and almost afraid of difficult and tough crisis even stand another crisis no less difficulty and intensity of its predecessor , and it was possible to avoid a lot of them if it was in his hand the things of the ruling political forces may do good disposition did not Alhthoa behind personal, regional and factional interests and provided Iraqi interests and the interests of Iraqis. "
also criticized the reference in the eighth of last month, also delayed the application packages political, administrative and economic reforms in the area of the fight against corruption, among others, announced by the government since last August.