Obama is expected to release the connector end of the year

WASHINGTON Iraq Press -19 April: Expect US President Barack Obama, freeing the city of Mosul from the grip Daash at the end of this year, in reference to the lack of preparations is completed after the expulsion of the organization Daash from his stronghold in Iraq. Obama said in an interview with Network (CNN .ba.sa. News), on Monday evening, "my expectation that by the end of the year we will have provided needed for the fall of Mosul , conditions in the end." Obama said that the United States will provide further support to Iraq , while the army is moving to regain territory from al Daash, and that he expected the army restored to the city of Mosul in the end. and Abizaid Obama "We believe the Iraqis are preparing to fight and earn earth ... Let 's make sure we provide them with additional support." US officials had announced in Baghdad, on Monday, that the United States will deploy an additional 200 military, mostly advisers to Iraqi forces during the advance towards Mosul , the largest Daash under the control of Iraqi cities. They also stressed that President Obama allowed the use of Apache helicopters in support of Iraqi forces in the fight against the organization. Ended ( http://www.iraqpressagency.com/?p=196086&lang=ar