Protesters remain «exceptional» open .. and al-Jubouri comment parliamentary sessions

20/04/2016 0:00 BAGHDAD - morning - Muhannad Abdul Wahab Shaima Rashid

Although the initiative put forward by President Fuad Masum, to contain the repercussions of the crisis that has paralyzed the legislature movement after that there was division among the ranks of lawmakers because of the dispute over the second cabinet reshuffle put forward by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi first, and the dismissal of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Second, the House of Representatives Representatives of the protesters and adherents, headed by Salim al-Jubouri and his two deputies, but fail to achieve a simple majority quorum for the resumption of parliamentary sessions.
Open Session
Information Service of the House of Representatives confirmed, in a statement received "morning", that the Council "held
A special meeting headed by MP Adnan al-Janabi and the presence of 200 deputies to discuss the repercussions of the crisis, the parliament, "adding that he was" at the outset of the meeting, which was held at the request of Mr. Fuad Masum, President of the Republic, based on the constitutional powers vested in him was chosen MP Adnan al-Janabi to run the meeting. "
The statement added that "al-Janabi received signed by 86 deputies request for the election of the President of the Council and his two deputies," adding that "al-Janabi said keeping the special meeting is open to the receipt of the names of candidates for the post of President of the Council of Representatives and his deputies and adjourn the meeting to tomorrow, Thursday."
In response to what happened in the "special meeting", Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri said the article by protesters of Representatives, suspend sessions and the work of the House of Representatives until further notice, while noting that the meeting did not take place for lack of a quorum, expressing his sorrow for the attempt of some to impose their will by force .
Suspend sessions
He said al-Jubouri, in a statement received "morning", "We came to the House in response to the initiative of the President of the Republic", stressing that the meeting "did not hold already for lack of a quorum, and regret that some are trying to impose their will by force away from the legal contexts."
He said al-Jubouri, that "under the constitutional powers and the dictates of Ali and my duty as head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and to preserve the reputation of the Council's order not to be an arena of conflict and verbal tangles with hands instead of civilized dialogue in the parliament, announced the suspension of sessions and the work of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to further notice."
In this regard, he stressed sitters deputies in the parliament, on Tuesday, that the quorum for the session was completed, while others pointed out that the MPs walked out of the session after the victory of a candidate to manage the protesters.
Responding national consensus
A spokesman for the House of Representatives of the protesters Haitham al-Jubouri, told a news conference attended by a number of media, including the "morning", he was "in response to the national consensus we have decided to attend the special meeting, and has already completed a quorum and was attended by all members of Parliament by 230 deputies."
He said al-Jubouri, "after the quorum nominated someone to manage the meeting and we are also nominate and when the victory of our candidate withdrew Representatives," noting that "the president of the Provisional Council nominations are open to the Presidency, but the brothers in their statement they said we represent the Iraqi people all components." In the meantime so, I hope the Attorney-Bayati stressed that the meeting, which was kept open until tomorrow Thursday for the election of the new president, was a quorum.
She explained Bayati, in an interview for the "morning", said: "The meeting was held at the request of the President in the presence of 230 deputies before he withdraws deputies Kurdistan Alliance and some deputies Iraqi Forces Union, stressing that the meeting" legal and constitutional "She added al-Bayati said MP Adnan al-Janabi, who was named for the presidency of the Council opened nominations for the election of the new president, noting that the protesters Representatives are determined to make the change and achieve Aslahat.wachart Bayati said there are a number of names mentioned are new to the presidency, pointing out that among the names put forward for the presidency of parliament Salah al-Jubouri and Mohammed Tamim Ahmed al-Jubouri and Koutaiba Jubouri and Faris Faris Abdul Rahman Alloizi.
The withdrawal of deputies five blocks
On the other hand, MP stressed Ala Talabani, from the Kurdistan Alliance said five blocks pulled out of the special meeting, as described what happened at the meeting as a "blow to national partnership". She said Talabani, in a press conference held with deputies of a number of political blocs House and attended by the "morning ": that" forces Union blocks and a coalition of Kurdistan and the citizen power and mass of Badr and Dawa and component Turkmen and Christian and the virtue Party attended the House of Representatives based on the president's initiative guarantor of the Constitution to resolve the political crisis, "indicating that" this review came well as to protect the constitution and restore legitimacy to the parliament. "
She added, "were surprised that the protesters they are moving their agenda have not responded to the initiative and did not respect even the initiative of the President-elect of the House of Representatives and the people," pointing out that "the decision was made without achieving a quorum," .ocdt Talabani "We informed them that we will go out and clapped to leave this elected national blocs the Iraqi people ", usually the meeting as a" hit national partnership and the political process and violation of the Constitution. "
She continued, "there is nothing left named partnership," adding that "there is a group decides on behalf of the elected Iraqi people blocs" .bmoisah, it promised to block coalition forces, the blocks that pulled out of the extraordinary session of parliament represents "important segments" of the Iraqi people, while It confirmed the non-return to parliament only "legitimate return."
The bloc chairman Ahmed electrodes, in a press conference at the parliament building: "The blocks represent important segments of the Iraqi people pulled out of the extraordinary session of parliament, for violating the law and the Constitution," stressing that "those blocks will not return to parliament sessions only legitimate return."