Coalition forces will not return to parliament until they return to legitimacy and reject the policy of arm-twisting

April 19, 2016 16:51
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Promised mass coalition forces, said on Tuesday that the blocks, which withdrew from the parliament session today represent an "important segments" of the Iraqi people, while confirming the non-return to Parliament but "the return of legitimacy."
The bloc chairman Ahmed electrodes during a press conference at the parliament building that "blocks represent important segments of the Iraqi people withdrew from the parliament session today, for violating the law and the Constitution."
The electrodes, that "those blocks will not return to parliament sessions only legitimate return."
The Iraqi Council of Representatives held on Tuesday, its headed by interim boss Adnan al-Janabi to re-vote on the dismissal of the former head of the Council Salim al-Jubouri and his two deputies, under President Fuad Masum initiative, while deputies from the Kurdistan Alliance and the Alliance forces withdrew after the minutes of the hearing.
And was Chairman of the House of Representatives article Saleem al-Jubouri, arrived Tuesday to the Iraqi parliament building under strict protection, and apologized and his two deputies for session management scheduled for today, as he emphasized that it "does not have any red lines on Masatrah inside the meeting, expressed his willingness" to fully answer any inquiries on the crisis. "
The sitters House announced on Tuesday their rejection to the initiative of the President Fuad Masum resolve the Presidency of the Council of Representatives crisis, and stressed send the initiative to the president includes several points to resolve the current crisis, as called for demonstrators to "exercise restraint and not to prejudice the ministries," demanded foreign diplomatic missions to " non-interference in Iraqi affairs. "
He was President Fuad Masum, called on Tuesday, all members of the House of Representatives to hold a meeting, today, in order to surround the repercussions of the parliament crisis.