Jubouri: Today did not hold a hearing for lack of a quorum, and some have tried to impose his will by force [Extended]

April 19, 2016 16:55
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Denied Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, an extraordinary session of parliament on Tuesday.
Jubouri said in a statement: "We came to the House today in response to the initiative of the President of the Republic," he said, adding "I did not hold a hearing originally for lack of a quorum, and regret that some are trying to impose by force wanted them away from the legal contexts."
He added that "Under the constitutional powers and the dictates of Ali and my duty as head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and to preserve the reputation of the Council's order not to be an arena of conflict and verbal tangles fist instead of civilized dialogue in the parliament, announced the suspension of sessions and the work of the Council of Representatives of Iraq until further notice."
The sitters of Representatives announced today holding an extraordinary session of parliament and attended by various parliamentary blocs but withdrew immediately after starting the hearing and accused the protesters of trying to exploit the quorum for holding and exceeded the number of attendees more than 210 MPs after they "cleared" in agreement to discuss the president's initiative to resolve the parliamentary crisis.