House sitters guarantee "imposter" and overthrow infallible initiative
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Thread: House sitters guarantee "imposter" and overthrow infallible initiative

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    House sitters guarantee "imposter" and overthrow infallible initiative

    House sitters guarantee "imposter" and overthrow infallible initiative

    19/4/2016 21:01

    BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

    Only a few minutes did not go to start a special meeting, called by President Fuad Masum, even the voices of the Kurdistan Alliance and the citizen and virtue, Badr and the tide of reform and deputies from the Union of Forces in the cafeteria of the parliament in protest at the pay Adnan al-Janabi Chair blocks. After chairing the meeting, al-Janabi said opening the door to run for the election of a new president, scheduled to adjourn the meeting to next Thursday.
    The protesters insist the mass of Representatives on constitutional and legal special meeting, which was held in the presence of 230 deputies, he confirmed that it continues to choose a new presidency to parliament in the next session. Believing that out some of the blocks after the meeting is not borne by the Parliament. House sitters and fought several meetings with a delegation from the president to the parliament with a view to understanding the joint session was held in the presence of both parties to resolve the crisis, the dismissal of the Presidium of the parliament Thursday. And just a few meters from the cafeteria of the House of Representatives, where the place of the Constitutional Hall was sitters Representatives held continuous rounds to discuss the president's initiative, which requires that presides over one of Representatives, chosen by parliament to manage the special meeting, then displays the resignation or dismissal of the Presidency to vote.
    Sitters and explain the reasons for their rejection of the President's initiative that it would cancel the decisions of Thursday's session, in which the House of Representatives voted on the dismissal of the Presidency in the presence of 172 deputies, and that the presidential initiative would Saleem al-Jubouri and his two deputies to their sites.
    At eleven o'clock in the morning the House of Representatives arrived in a book from the presidency of the republic calls for the convening of a special session aimed at resolving the fate of the Presidency.
    In the meantime, everyone was surprised to enter the article Prime Minister Salim al-Jubouri, the House of Representatives headed to the headquarters of the Iraqi National Forces Union, and held a meeting with deputies to arrange the setting meeting, which called for infallible.
    Bloc MPs back the protesters again to the Constitutional Hall to discuss the rapid developments. Protestors meeting was delayed only a few minutes to make a decision to proceed with the dismissal of the Presidency and not to be undone.
    These developments pushed all the political blocs to hold closed meetings to make decisions about their participation in the special session shortly after ringing the bell session marked the MPs to enter the base of Parliament to initiate the proceedings of the meeting which was attended by 230 deputies and headed by Adnan al-Janabi, the candidate of the protesters, who put up against the Saadoun al-Dulaimi, who was nominated by the team Jubouri and his two deputies. The insistence of the House of Representatives of the protesters on the chair of the special session, al-Janabi, the withdrawal of all of the Kurdistan Alliance and blocks Badr and virtue and the citizen, as well as Salim al-Jubouri, a team of the Federation of Iraqi forces. President age and then open the door for nomination to the Presidency and suspended the meeting to next Thursday, and kept it open for fear of lack of quorum is achieved.
    And the repercussions of this session, MP Ahmad milkfish, a member of Forces Union, says, "Our participation in this meeting came in response to the President Fuad Masum initiative, which stipulates that The MP Saadoun al-Dulaimi this session," he said, "but after we entered the meeting sitters did not commit this initiative after chairing Adnan al-Janabi of the special session. " He explained milkfish, told the (range), "After the fallout pulled Kurdish blocks and Badr, and the Supreme Council, and virtue, and therefore a quorum is not complete this session is not legal and Adsturih." The MP for the Union of Forces that "dialogue is the best solution to get out of this crisis." In turn, says the high MP Sheikh Ali, one of the protesters of Representatives, said that "the meeting constitutional and legal yet held in the presence of 230 deputies." Commenting on the disruption of quorum, Sheikh Ali says, pointing out that "out some of the blocks is not the responsibility of the House of Representatives after age held by the president."
    Explains a member of the Civil Alliance bloc, told the (range), that "the protesters will spend the election of a new presidency of the body on Thursday, and then move on to the next step which is to overthrow the current government." Sheikh Ali pointed out that "the nominations for the Presidency is still under negotiation and seminars among the protesters."

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