EU renews its commitment to Iraq to provide grants and loans to overcome the financial crisis

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Seemed EU Ambassador Patrick Simonet, the EU was ready and it continues to provide grants and loans to Iraq in order to help him in the shadow of the financial crisis.
This came during the National Advisory Committee of the Programme of Local Development meeting in the Jordanian capital Amman.
A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning it "participated in the National Advisory Committee of the Programme of Local Development meeting, funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (undp), which was held on the fourteenth of the month this April in the Jordanian capital Amman in the presence of Deputy Minister of Planning and Maher Hammad Johan and the EU ambassador in Iraq, Patrick Simonet and director Isabella program and head of the Iraq Programme for human settlements in the United Nations, Irfan Ali, as well as a number of conservative covered their wallets program which provinces (# Anbar, # Diyala, Diwaniyah, # Kirkuk, # Sulaymaniyah, # Arbil, Dohuk), as well as representatives from the provinces of Muthanna and # Slah_din, as well as the presence of the Ambassador of Iraq in Jordan, Safiya al-Suhail. "
He said EU Ambassador Patrick Simonet, according to the statement, "is ready and the continuation of the Union to provide assistance in the form of programs and grants and loans to Iraq," noting that "the importance of consultation and review of ongoing programs and identify local needs in light of the problems and challenges faced by local governments."
The statement quoted Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning and Technical Affairs Maher Hammad, said during a speech on behalf of the Minister of Planning, said that "the Iraqi government represented by the Ministry of Planning under the general direction of the state and in the light of the law, which aims for greater participation of local civil societies and their representatives in decision-making and the development of plans which is seeking to optimum utilization of resources and potentials and capabilities in building a sustainable approved and clear development strategies. "
"The Iraqi government has adopted with UNDP, the United Nations program aimed at the advancement of the local development," he said. "This program is chugging along parallel concatenated along with legislation that granted sweeping powers to the provinces in managing and making local decision-group."
He pointed Hammad said "the important objectives of the program is the promotion of local cadres capabilities in proper planning and follow-up of the entire enterprise software investment and operational as well as to seek the largest continuous coordination between the Centre and the governments and between local governments and between them down to the integration of strategic development planning", praising the "role provided by UN agencies and the European Union in supporting the Government and people of Iraq under the current circumstances, experienced by the country of economic and security challenges and what it represents from the front of the Arab block to counter global terrorism with the continuing need to enhance this support at the critical stage. "
He said the "important practical application features to enhance the capacity to complete the construction of local development plans for each province and the use of experts who Aovarham program with the transfer of successful international experiences in this field."
The statement noted that "the president of Iraq's Human Settlements Programme at the United Nations Irfan Ali accept a sentence which was presented by the activities in the previous phase at the level of participation in the program, as the Conservatives referred to the summaries of their wallets and the problems and obstacles they face in their work in providing services with the need to continued support to the development of local capacity. "

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