The Ministry of Industry and Minerals: No substitute for "Made in Iraq" !!

Dated: Tuesday 04/19/2016 7:22

Today Iraq / Baghdad
The Ministry of Industry and Minerals is continuing its efforts for the success of the national campaign adopted by the Minister Mohammad Darraji in the application of the slogan of "making" in Iraq.
Director of Media Center in the ministry, Abd Wahid al-Shammari, said at the beginning: "The Iraqi economy is a consumer economy, where he spent Iraq over the past few years nearly 321.6 billion dollars, or the equivalent of 57% of the total imports of Iraqi oil in order to import goods and various goods from outside the country, which called for the adoption of the slogan-making in Iraq, and the incorporation of strategies short, medium and long term, for the advancement of the industrial sector, "either what he needs to activate" made in Iraq, "we read:" this needs to be a package of government, legislative and popular actions and support Media, which is based on the local product support, and the importance that there is a proper understanding by the government and the citizens and the parliament for this subject, "and the role of investment economist, the source quoted the minister .. to be the conclusion," he stressed the minister on the need to encourage investment and participation with the private sector according to the contexts correct and legal, and under certain conditions, including the financial efficiency of the clear investment companies, and be experienced and specialized in the area concerned, and to provide economic and technical study of the feasibility of the projects concerned with investment, and that at least the added value of the production of 25%. "