Baghdad security: Close the center of the capital in full, and procedures for the leadership of arbitrary operations

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April 19, 2016 6:50
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A prayer group of protestors evening near the Green Zone
The security committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council revealed shut down the center of the capital in full and traffic jams described as Balqatlh reported high number of besieged ministries Palmatsaman to 9 movement, Shell fully.
The committee member said that Saad logistical situation is very worrying, especially with the demonstrators moved towards the Green Zone to establish pray there and then return to Tahrir Square, pointing out that the shopkeepers asked the protesters to make way for shoppers after commercial traffic stop.
He said Baghdad Operations Command exercise procedures described Baltasvih and unjustified closures of roads have crippled the movement of capital, while he called to deal in ways that do not harm the protesters do not affect people's lives.
The logistical some of the ministries of electricity employees exposed to attack by the protesters, prompting the ministry to close the doors and turn off their work, noting that the service ministries are also affected by the blockade imposed by the protestors who are demanding the resignation of the minister.
Abadi underlines the lack of damage to the citizen
In addition, the Prime Minister Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi said that the latter briefed, during his visit to the headquarters of the Baghdad Operations Command, on the security situation in Baghdad and plans to to secure the security of the citizens, according to a statement issued by the office.
The statement added that "al-Abadi listened to an explanation from the military and security leaders of the situation in the capital, where it was stressed the importance that does not cause any action to harm the citizen and strangle him and secure the necessary protection and state institutions."