Deputy Matsamh confirms non - participation of the masses of the citizen and the Badr sit - in

2016-04-19 02:02:47 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

MP considered Almatsamh Firdaus al - Awadi, the Federal Court statement on the dismissal of al - Jubouri , was evidence of the validity of the dismissal of the latter being did not go to court and only objecting to the negotiations, while confirming the non - participation of blocs of the citizen and the Badr sit.

Said al - Awadi , he assumed the speaker of parliament article may submit an application to federal court last to decide on the validity of his dismissal or not and therefore everyone will be bound by the introduction of the decision of the court, surprising that the Presidency , the article did not go so far toward the court despite dismiss the hearing deemed incomplete quorum.

Furthermore Awadi confirmed that the masses of the citizen and the Badr and two blocks from the National Alliance Charcan not sit in the House of Representatives with the exception of deputy or deputies on the block level.

This comes after the spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council spokesman Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar announced on Monday that the Federal Supreme Court has not issued any judgment or decision in connection with the constitutionality or unconstitutionality of the decision taken by the House of Representatives at its meeting on 14th of this April, indicating that it is not only by proceeding in accordance with the rules of procedure of the court to allow them to listen to the statements of the parties and their documents.