Jarba: the current crisis as a result of the struggle for leadership of the Shiite component

(Independent) .. MP Ahmed al-Jarba meaning of the crisis that occurred in days past reforms under the slogan of struggle as the Shiite blocs on the leadership component.

Jarba said in an open letter addressed to religious references and political leaders "will speak and I am confident that my words will anger a lot, but I have to say that reality before it is too late."

He noted that "reforms slogan raising virtual goal is to lift the injustice of the Iraqi people who suffered tragedies and calamities since 1979 and until this moment, and also the elimination of corruption and find a way of co-existence among all spectrums of the Iraqi people Map This is by word of parties calling for reforms, but I Carey also to see the masses or as they see some of the protesters of Representatives, because the reforms that have taken place the third month of this year, and to some extent this moment is not so. "

"I agreed that the face of reforms, but the reality is a struggle between the leaders of the Shiite blocs and conflict revolves around one subject, one of his consistence led by Shiite component coming in Months and conflict going on between the three parties, and if you want to ask those who are parties to the conflict will tell you the leaders of advocacy and leaders of the Liberal and leaders of the Supreme Council ".

He expressed the wish to reach his letter to the religious authority in Najaf and in the holy city of Karbala, wishing "to intervene before it is too late, because the non-interference of the reference and bind the parties lepers rows us on the verge of a scenario in Baghdad and the southern provinces worst of Nineveh province, a scenario in June than a year 2014 ". (End) http://www.mustaqila.com/2016/04/%D8...-%D8%B9%D9%84/