Orders arrest of five senior officials in the Kurdistan Region on corruption charges

| (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News An informed source in Arbil , the head of the Kurdistan region ordered the arrest of five officials in the Directorate of Immigration and Displacement in each of Sulaymaniyah and Arbil because of corruption in the case of the distribution of 20 million dinars to displaced people in Kurdistan. The source , who asked Aden to be named , said in a statement that based on orders from the region 's president , Massoud Barzani , was arrested official of Displacement and migration Directorate in the province of Sulaymaniyah, pointing to ordering the arrest of four others , one of them officials in the province of Arbil. the source added that the arrest of these officials in Displacement and migration it was due to the disappearance of funds allocated for the displaced from the center and south and refugees from Kurdistan Syria, which was scheduled for last year , giving each family $ 20 million , but the suspicions of corruption have emerged in the process. http://www.sotaliraq.com/newsitem.php?id=327797