British report: Al-Maliki leads a coup reprisal from al-Abadi 4/18
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Thread: British report: Al-Maliki leads a coup reprisal from al-Abadi 4/18

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    British report: Al-Maliki leads a coup reprisal from al-Abadi 4/18

    British report: Al-Maliki leads a coup reprisal from al-Abadi

    London -arac Press -18 April: said British report on Monday that the crisis is unprecedented Ptasv the Iraqi parliament, where marching inside it since last Wednesday, more than 170 deputies, demanding the resignation of Iraq's three presidencies, and reached the wrath of Representatives demonstrators to vote on the separation boss Saleem al-Jubouri and two of his deputies.

    They said they followed the parliamentary laws, but it is likely not to the approval of the Federal Supreme Court on procedural grounds on their decision, but the House of Representatives often choose a new president of the parliament, as a prelude to question the prime minister and the president, with the official declaration of their willingness Basagathm Representatives.

    Many have wondered about the causes of this crisis amid foggy in the political scene in the country.

    And the transfer of the British site "medal East Aye" in a report on the crisis for some lawmakers and senior Iraqi politicians, former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was the mastermind of the coup in the Iraqi parliament last Thursday.

    Revenge of the Abadi

    The report quoted an Iraqi political analyst, Abdul Wahid twinning saying, if it comes to revenge, and that al-Maliki is seeking to harm Balebadi Whatever the results, adding that the parliament speaker was not the target, but the prime minister, and confirms its twin, the former prime minister will continue in his quest until fall Abadi .

    Independent political figures and said that he would be on the heads of political blocs to negotiate with al-Maliki, controlled more than two-thirds of the protesters of Representatives, said a leader of the National Alliance on the lookout for the political blocs negotiations, -rvd said identified because if those responsible for directing the coup were lawmakers affiliated with the al-Maliki, and execute his instructions, adding that al-Maliki is the only controlled all the strings, and he alone can continue or stop.

    The greatest demand

    One aide to al-Maliki said that al-Maliki's followers are seeking to restore the prestige of the state, re-executive institution-building, and this can be achieved by bringing the prime minister characterized by wisdom, courage and strength.

    Assistant Maliki said that the Iraqi government Abadi weakened position, so it must be changed, and threatened plugin that what happened will not stop at al-Jubouri.

    Said Ali Sobhi MP for the rule of law, and the son of al-Maliki's brother in a television interview on Thursday that the Iraqi people want reform, and that demonstrators of Representatives authorized by the Iraqi people finding a way to achieve this reform, we starting to replace the three senior officials, and added that these positions are not limited to those people, because they do not represent Iraq.

    He continued: We represent the Iraqi people, not the speaker of parliament or the prime minister or even the president.

    Procedures for calm

    The Abadi in an effort to ease the tension, the postponement of the ministerial amendment pointing out that the amendment, may contribute to disrupt the work of the government, and the impact on military operations against al-Daash.

    Iraqi President Fuad Masum also offered to cancel the sharing of political power from all state departments, autonomous bodies and the Convention, the diplomatic corps and military and security institutions.

    The abolition of the post of al-Maliki

    The report says, that "al-Maliki in Iraq between 2006 and 2014. Despite winning most of voices elections in 2014, but he was prevented from presiding over the third term by his political opponents and Shiite clerics, after many Iraqis for his mother on the big loss of the occurrence of about a third of Iraqi territory under the control of state regulation. "

    He adds, "The Abadi Rafik al-Maliki of the Dawa Party took advantage of the situation to reach the top position surpassing Maliki, through its collaboration with the recent opponents of the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds."

    He continued, "The al-Maliki was appointed vice president, but Abadi action in response to the massive demonstrations on the abolition of the new post in August in a part of the first Hzmth of reforms, and since then tensions between Maliki and his opponents on the rise," .anthy (1)

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