Iraqi Prime Minister Summons Parliament Urgent Meeting Due to Crisis


Baghdad, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) The Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider Al-Abadi, today summoned the parliament for an urgent meeting to find a solution to the current political situation that threatens to disqualify the Chamber''s president, Salim Al-Jubouri.
Speaking to TV channel Al-Sumaria, Al-Abadi stressed the importance of the deputies approving the new list of candidates for ministers in the cabinet, which was proposed to the legislature on March 31 with 16 names.

After a three-day ultimatum launched by parliament on March 28 with threats tgo submit the issue to a vote of no confidence, the Prime Minister gave the list of candidates to renew the government and to fight corruption, but it was objected by powerful benches.

Due to this refusal, Al-Abadi elaborated the list according to political interests, which sparked protests of deputies opposing that ministries are asigned based on political or sectarian affiliations, practices considered the cause of the corruption in this Arab nation.

Al-Abadi reiterated today that the fight against the terrorists of the Islamic State (IS), which controls large zones of northwestern Iraq, and the solution of the country's financial and security problems requires unity and solidarity of all citizens and political groups.

Several deputies carried out actions last April 14 to revoke the mandate of the Chamber's President Salim al-Jubouri, but this was invalidated on the grounds that the meeting lacked a quorum.

The dispute in the assembly on Wednesday began when Kurdish deputies said they had gone to the day of the special session and confirmed that other members of parliament had broken their nameplates.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister also added that his government holds talks with global financial institutions in an attempt to solve the economic difficulties of Iraq and to restore prosperity to the nation, despite the oil situation worldwide.

As one of the leading oil producers, Iraq suffered a contraction of its finances due to the fall of oil prices, a stage worsened by the battle against the IS, and the cases of larceny reported here.

According to Transparency International, the nation ranks 161 out of 168 states regarding the Corruption Perceptions Index.

On Sunday, hundreds of Iraqis camped in Baghdad to demand the acceleration of the efforts to reform the cabinet and to finish the current patronage system in national politics.