Economist: Life in Baghdad and the provinces hit by the "paralysis"

Economy Since 18/04/2016 12:32 pm (Baghdad time)

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Said spokesman Antoine economic expert, said on Monday that the demonstrations taking place in the Iraqi street is the product of purely economic demands, while noting that it will lead to a paralysis of life in general in certain facilities in Baghdad and the provinces.

Said Antoine L / balance News /, that "demonstrations current political events affected the transport and communications traffic and worked to disable the professions," noting that "the outcome of these events purely economic demands, where they demanded jobs and provide housing, employment pension law, social solidarity of the workers and the private sector and infrastructure and an end to unemployment and reduce poverty and call for the provision of the ration card items. "

He added, "The demonstrations calling for economic issues, working to improve the economic situation", adding that "the immense power of demonstrators lead to paralysis in general to life in certain areas of facilities demonstrations in Baghdad or other provinces."

Dozens of people demonstrated, demanding the minister in front of the ministries to submit their resignations while others protested in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad to demand reforms.

This testifies the worsening political situation in Iraq, where the number of MPs sit inside the parliament building and the dismissal of the Presidency of the Council of Alnwab.anthy

From: Nur al-Din Wahba