Call to activate legal work and the retirement of the private sector

4/18/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Mustafa al-Hashemi
Confirmed economic researcher Firas Amer, said the activation of labor laws and the retirement of the private sector would contribute significantly to the reduction of unemployment and stimulate economic activity in the country.

Amer said in an interview with «morning» that the purpose of the legislation is Ptfielhma these laws and work with them until the legislation just legislation.

Address sag

He said that the activation of the labor law is liable to limit the waiting citizens on the doors of government hiring that has become flabby existence of three million employees in various public sector departments are overburdened state budget financial burdens can be overcome opening up to the private sector and support appropriate legislation that help him to take a real role in the development process.

He pointed out that the activation of the private sector pension law will encourage too much to consolidate the confidence in the sector after the equals between work and retirement opportunities and ensure the rights of both employers and employees.

The problem of unemployment is one of the most important and the most serious economic and social problems facing the economies and societies of the developed countries or developing ones, especially in Iraq because of the conditions experienced during the last two decades of the last century and the beginning of the third millennium.

Unify wages

The Amer need to consolidate the opportunities for appointment with the public sector through the adoption of scientific qualifications and experience accumulated along with the unification of the level of wages and salaries and to ensure the rights of workers, noting that the very researchers for appointment in government circles is the social security and the continued flow of salaries a month without interruption.
He said economic researcher that the private sector has the potential to absorb the largest number of manpower, but his problem is to not activate the labor law in the private sector of private companies and laboratories productivity and retirement.

Labor market

And that if it was activated these laws, the labor market will witness a boom in exchange for lowering the unemployment rate to a minimum, as well as the government sector will see a decline in the proportion of slack, stressing the need to be done to reduce the retirement age for workers in the public and private sectors to give the opportunity for subsequent generations to take your chances in the enjoyment of jobs and creativity at work.

The economic expert, Dr. Ahmed al-Husseini said in an earlier statement «Morning»: To resolve the problem of unemployment there is a necessity that the government is working to provide soft loans for the unemployed, especially young people and graduates a class, that the loans can be made conditional on providing students the so-called loan project work plan (Business Project Plan), indicating that the technique applicable in all countries that suffer from the worsening problem of unemployment has, and Husseini expressed his belief that such an approach can be applied in Iraq due to the large size of the financial returns of state-owned and associated crude oil export revenues.

And the importance of coordination between the Ministries of Construction and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works, Planning and Labour and Social Affairs, for the adoption of a government policy seeks to expand in the field of housing and reconstruction projects through the adoption of the business model of the intensity in the early stages of the project, explaining that the importance of this approach stems from the fact that the construction sector Housing is one of the most economic sectors accommodating labor, especially unskilled.