Under the support of the private sector .. firing Central Bank loans for projects , industrial and agricultural sectors end of this month


Supreme Committee for the loans, the Central Bank of Iraq announced the completion of the electronic form to register the amount of five trillion dinars loans, noting that the launch of rendering it will be the end of the month of April Gara.onql statement of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Municipalities and Public Works for the "completion of the website to register on the Iraqi Central Bank loans ( 5 trillion Iraqi dinars) for industrial and agricultural sectors, which was prepared in coordination with the Office of the Prime Minister, "noting that he" will be launched Date of loan end of the month after the completion of the final technical procedures required to hold virtual experimentation of the site where will cover all provinces of loans after they have been taking into consideration population ratio and the degree of poverty, agricultural land and rural population as criteria for each province. "He explained that" the loans will be given to projects agricultural and industrial sectors as ranked (small businesses, medium, large, and strategy), "he said." this initiative comes as part of the government to support the Iraqi private sector will contribute these loans are improving the economic situation in the country and revitalize industries movement of manufacturing industries adopted by the private sector and aims to legalize the foreign currency supply and reduce the demand for and the reduction of imports and encourage exports through the revitalization of local industries and the opening of new production lines through the use of modern technologies in manufacturing and equipment manufacturing that rely on local raw materials. "
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