Statement by Mr. Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi on comprehensive reforms governmental and ministerial amendment


In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful
Stress for our people and the masses dear which called for reform, we will continue on this path to their support, which deserves all the appreciation and gratitude, and to recall here that the ministerial change is a comprehensive reforms within plus change Independent bodies and agencies to choose the characters of the competencies and experience away from the political quota, taking into account the representation of the different segments of the Iraqi people, and I'm looking forward to the house of representatives will be able to play its role in the legislative and regulatory framework to the fullest extent and vote on the amendment during the ministerial Next few days and as soon as possible as well as voting on independent bodies and agencies at a later stage.
If the war against ISIS gang besides security challenges, economic faced by Iraq requires combine efforts to overcome them and rid our people of their consequences on the Iraqi economy, where the government efforts and continuous efforts to negotiate with banking institutions and economic World to support the Iraqi economy and contribute to improving the living conditions of the citizens and to stimulate the economy experienced a significant decrease in core resources as a result of the collapse in global oil prices,
Accordingly, I invite the distinguished deputies to convene immediately to overcome obstacles and to contribute to the development of solutions to the challenges facing the country,
We are confident that Iraq will be out of his harder. Than it was and optimistic for a better future for our people, our beloved homeland.
Dr Haider Al-Abadi
Chairman of the council of ministers
18 April 2016