Jubouri Office denies determined the date for the parliamentary session tomorrow

Sunday 17 April 2016 | 19:30

BAGHDAD / .. denied spokesman House Speaker Imad al - Khafaji, Sunday, setting a date by Prime Minister Salim al - Jubouri, a meeting of the House of Representatives until the moment.

He said al-Khafaji's "Eye of Iraq News," that "the ongoing dialogues between the leaders and the political leaders for a comprehensive agreement on a date for the hearing uniform does not exclude anyone."

He pointed out that "Maizhaa to hold a session tomorrow untrue," adding that "it is likely to be issued within the next few hours an invitation to the President of a session of parliament with the participation of all members of Parliament."

Khafaji said that "the meetings conducted by the speaker of parliament and political leaders and leaders in order to overcome the difficulties and dissolving differences.

It was al-Khafaji had announced on Sunday, for a meeting between the head of the Liberal bloc Zia al-Asadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, was reached through it and will be open to all opinions, "the agreement to hold a parliament session uniformly for all headed by al-Jubouri."

As the House of Representatives announced their intention sitters hold a parliamentary session, on Monday, in case a quorum to be held under the chairmanship of the interim President Adnan al-Janabi, where he is expected to testify next hour discussing the merits of the meeting and agenda between Alnwab.anthy MG 8